11 accused of torturing a Muslim man to death, arrested in India

11 accused of torturing a Muslim man to death

Indian police have arrested 11 people in charge of torturing a man named Tabrez Ansari, to death. He was tied to a pole and was beaten for up to 12 hours, we were unwillingly forced to shout Hindu slogans.

The sad incident happened in the state of Jharkhand when the video of Ansari became viral in which he pleaded the hostile mob while he was being tortured to say “jai shir raam”. The 24 years old deceased was taken to the hospital by police after the rescue where he couldn’t survive the wounds and passed away. His wife has claimed that the police took him to the police station despite the adverse condition, rather shifting him to the hospital at first.

Police Chief Seraikela – Karthik S. has suspended two officials off not conveying the information to the senior officials. Opposition parties also roasted the government over not taking due steps to stop public violence. Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi commented on the incident that, “People who are involved in such incidents have only one motive — to spoil the positive atmosphere created by the government,”

Since the current Prime Minister Modi came into power, public violence was much increased against Muslims over the protection issues of cows. Many similar incidents have been witnessed by public brutality over carrying or use of beef. Modi was also believed to be behind the Gujrat massacre in 2002 which took hundreds of previous lives, including 790 Muslims.

Before the latest elections in India, a tragic incident happened in Pulwama in which, vehicles carrying security officials were targeted by a suicidal vehicle which caused deaths of over 40 officials of Central Police Reserve Force CPRF. Later the event, an alleged audio clip was shared by an Indian claiming that the attack was originally planned by the government itself to gain political advantage for the elections.

US State Department has issued a report claiming that religious violence has increased significantly since Modi came into power since 2014. However, the Indian government has denied the report.

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