Newly appointed DG ISI meets the Prime Minister

Newly appointed DG-ISI meets the Prime Minister

The newly appointed Director General Inter-Services Intelligence Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed met PM Khan on Tuesday in Islamabad Office.

Lt. Gen Faiz Hameed replaced Lt. Gen Asim Muneer who served just for few months as the DG, as on Sunday, high ranked reshuffling was done.

In the meeting, Premier Khan congratulated him on his appointment and discussed professional matters and security issues of the country. PM Khan also acknowledged the role of the agency with regard to the security and challenges faced by the nation internally and externally.

While commenting on the appointment, DG ISPR said, “People have started naming Gen Faiz. They probably don’t even know his role. You can’t even think of the role played by his department in the fight against terrorism. Even if what you are speculating is true, it is not even 5 percent of what that institution and Gen Faiz’s department are doing. All these terrorist incidents that I tell you have been averted are because of Gen Faiz’s department,”

The post of DG ISI is believed to be vital after the Chief of the Army Staff within the military. However, Lt. Gen. Hameed has already served in the agency earlier as well. He was promoted to Lt. Gen. in April this year and is considered to be a deserving candidate for the vacancy as he as a broad relevant experience.

While having a diversified experience, he was among those who acted as the mediator in the Faizabad Protest back in 2017, when a huge crowd showed up from multiple religious groups.

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