Karot Hydropower Project to be completed by 2021

Karot Hydropower Project to be completed by 2021

Karot Hydropower project is all set to be completed by 2021 by the Chinese developer, China Three Gorges Corp.

With a total investment of 1.74 billion USD, the project would start generating power by April 2021. It is likely to resolve the current impediments by of energy, by providing 3.2 billion kilowatt hours of clean power.

Being the first investment project of the Silk Road Fund, the hydropower project is expected to pay 23 million USD in taxes to the Pakistani government and provide more than 2,200 jobs for locals during the peak construction period.

The project is being built since 2015 on Jehlum River near Karot Village, approximately 65 kilometers away from the Capital City Islamabad. It has a capacity to store 164.5 million cubic meter water, with a length of 27 kilometers.

China Society for Hydropower Engineering Senior Analyst Zhang Boting said in this regard that despite Pakistan’s limited capital to develop its rich hydropower resources, its cooperation with China, a world leader in hydroelectricity generation, would benefit both sides.

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