[Pakistan] Apply for Fresh Currency Notes (bank branch code list included)

State Bank announces issuance of Fresh Currency Notes

The state bank of Pakistan has announced that fresh currency notes on account of Eid ul Fitr would be available from 20 to 31 May.

Fresh notes will be available at 1700 branches of 142 cities. Availability will also be made sure on State Bank’s six field offices.

To obtain fresh notes, interested people can pre-register themselves before visiting the designated branches. The registration process is as follows:

Step-1: Type your CNIC number along with the branch code of your nearby bank, and send this to 8877
(Example: [42000-1234567-9 ABC123] send to 8877)
Sms charges are Rs.2 plus tax

Step-2: You will receive a message containing a Code, address of the relevant branch and expiry date of the claim.

Step-3: You can visit the given branch along with your Original CNIC and a photocopy and the SMS code provided by 8877 SMS, to obtain fresh notes before the expiry date mentioned in the message.


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