Sentimeter at Momentum Tech Conference ’19


Sentimeter is a real-time Customer Experience Solution Provider that transforms that way you do business. It puts customers at the heart of your business and organization. Sentimeter collects data from customer survey through mobile, IVR and tablets/ kiosks situated at primary touch points in the customer’s journey. By reporting this data,

Sentimeter alerts front-line staff and managers to unhappy customers and provides a platform to rapidly address their concerns. Managers and top executives can utilize advanced diagnostic & analytics tools to pinpoint issues & discover opportunities. Sentimeter has been developed and designed by Arbisoft from ground up for retail & restaurants industry.

Founded in 2007 by graduates from Stanford and Carnegie Mellon, Arbisoft is a leading provider of software services in the region and has made a mark globally by becoming an active technology partner for renowned brands like Amazon, McDonald’s, edX, Kayak & Stanford University.



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