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Hamara Paisa (HP) is a Financial Education & Intermediary based Service company that aims to enable access to financial products for all irrespective of their socio-economic background, level of education, age or gender. Our goal is to establish and undertake an innovative approach to finance which targets individuals to achieve financial inclusion and in doing so gain independence. With Pakistan resting at 21% of its population being banked and with financial illiteracy being highlighted as one of the reasons for such a low statistic, there has never been a better time to try and make a change for the better.
At Hamara Paisa, directly translated as ‘Our Money’, it is our number one priority to help our customers improve their financial future. This can only happen if they understand what products are available for them, how to use them and gain access to the ones that are most beneficial to them.


We offer a Financial Education & Intermediary Service that aims to:
  • Educate in areas of money management and saving
  • Make banking clear, easy and relevant
  • Display how convenient, accessible and beneficial the product would be
  • Open minds to the possibilities of future investment opportunities
  • Provide personalized service where everyone is treated respectfully, any question will be answered, advice will be given and paperwork will be filled
  • Facilitate the application of products
  • Provide ongoing support


  • Financial Education Presentation in English or Urdu
  • One on One sessions in order to set personalized budget set savings goals and apply for any financial products that would be of benefit to the individual


Hamara Paisa is uniquely placed to conduct our Financial Training Program with employees of any level within organizations in Lahore.


It would be greatly relevant to employees in order for them to utilize Banking products that would enhance their lives. The financial problems of employees cause untold hardship monetarily, emotionally and physically. These money problems affect both employees and employers, reducing productivity, increasing absenteeism and ultimately affecting profitability. To combat a serious drain on workplace productivity, employers can provide incentives for employees to attain financial wellness.
In addition, our site is the first of its kind in Pakistan to educate consumers on different banking products. Please see the ‘Education’ tab on our website to view articles on different financial products, articles & FAQs.

Learn more on our website:

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