Why Choose Battery-Operated Compression Tools

There are several reasons why you should choose battery-operated compression tools.

Electric shock

The first reason is that there is no risk of electric shock. This is because you don’t have to worry about things being plugged in while you are using the compression tools. This is going to be especially true in the environments where there is going to be a lot of moisture, flammable liquids, and conductive materials present. When the wires or cords of an electric tool gets damaged, then it is going to put the person who is using the tool at risk for being shocked. But the battery operated tools are not going to use any electricity so you are not going to have to worry about any type of spark.


The second reason is the superior ergonomics and power to weight ratio of the compression tools. These types of tools are going to offer more power because of their weight. This means that they are going to be able to produce a lot more horsepower in a much lighter and smaller package. Most of the time, the electric tool manufacturers are going to classify the power of their tools based on the wattage that is held by the motor. This can be very misleading to the customers. It is going to be based on the horsepower instead of the weight like it is thought to be believed by the electric manufacturing tool companies.


The third reason is that you are going to be able to increase your productivity. This is going to be especially great where the companies make it a priority for the operation to increase its worker output. Therefore, the battery operated tools are going to help the company to reach all of their goals when it comes to their productivity. Most of the time, they are going to have a speed control mechanism on them to help make sure that the proper RPM is going to be regulated by the air flow to the tool. This is going to open in order to increase the air flow to the motor to make sure that it has the correct spindle speed for the work that needs to be done.

High performance

The fourth reason is they are going to have a hundred percent duty cycle and a higher performance in the harshest of environments. The biggest things that a company will have to worry about if they are using electric tools is debris or heat. There is also a possibility that the person who is using the tool could drop them in water. But you don’t have to worry about any of these things when you are working with battery operated tools. Plus you are going to be able to use the tools 24 hours a day 7 days a week since you are going to be using batteries.


The last reason is that it is going to be very easy to service the battery operated tools. This means that you are not going to just be throwing these tools away when you are done with them. You will be able to serve them a lot easier than electric tools. Since they are going to run for about 120 hours at one time, they are probably going to need a new brush from time to time. Most of the time, you will be able to buy the labeled kits that are going to be very convenient and they are going to contain the most common parts that are going to wear down from time to time with these tools.

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