Meet your future pals

We all thought about having a robot friend. While watching Nobita and Doremon, we all wished for a mechanic pal that could solve all our problem. Well, we still don’t have those smart robots yet, but our scientists are pushing the boundaries of innovation every day. Enlist below are some of the coolest robots you can buy, and expect to have advanced versions in the near future.


Meet your future pals - e-SYndicate Network

Tiny little robot toy. Cozmo is more than just a toy. This personalized robo-toy is designed particularly for quality time and leisure. Just like a hatching bird, you need to be there when Cozmo wakes up for the first time. It scans your face and recognizes you as its best friend. Pretty dramatic! Later on, it needs your love and affection to be fully operational.


Meet your future pals - e-SYndicate Network

Kids with Autism need persistence and patience. Their learning needs are different from a regular child. Robokids designed Milo specifically for these kids. It helps kids to express themselves, be open and keep learning. Kids were found much more comfortable with Milo, than their human teachers.


Meet your future pals - e-SYndicate Network

Pepper is the dream robot for fun lovers. It loves music and dancing. It works on basic human emotions and adapt and adjust itself according to the mood of its human companions. Pepper was proved more interactive than humans in some situations. He can communicate in many languages and recognize his owner, dialect, choice of vocabulary and tone of voice.


Meet your future pals - e-SYndicate Network

Four and a half feet tall, Romeo is designed to help elder people with weak motor skills. Aldebaran robotics created this humanoid robot to be a genuine personal assistant and a companion. He can open doors, hold hands and sense danger.

Robot Thespian

Thespian is a life-size robot with active limbs. After years of research and several models, it’s finally approved by the National Science Centre for human interaction. Thespian can maintain eye contact, guess your age and sing in rain. Next challenge is to make it walk and hop.

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