Does British airways deliver your Pizza?

Does British airways deliver your Pizza? - e-Syndicate Network

If you do not belong to the elite class of Nigeria, the answer to the above question is a definite NO.  Well, according to agriculture minister of Nigeria Mr.Ogbeh (Just a humble reminder, Nigeria is an extremely poor and highly corrupt state of Africa) some wealthy people of Nigeria use their phones to order Pizza from London and it’s delivered by British Airways. He also stated that “this situation is annoying.” Anyhow, He restrained from naming any of these people.

Imports is a status symbol in Nigeria. Some of the basic necessities such as tomato and rice are also imported on a daily basis, just to express wealth. 70% of the country’s exports are oil. Here interesting point is, a country where Seven percent of the total languages spoken in the world are spoken in, Nigerians are exchanging oil with food good. Although 70% of the country’s population works in the Agriculture sector.

British Airways have still not responded to the claim made by Mr. Ogbeh.

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