Apple is ready to stream videos with a wide variety of Shows and Films

Apple is ready to stream videos with a wide variety of Shows and Films

Apple is planning to launch its streaming service which includes TV and movies. The company is expected to announce the news on March 25th at an event and it might uncover the first look of its new catalog for all the original content.

After Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon already offering their streaming services, Disney is also planning to release its streaming service in the coming month. It will be a tough competition for Apple as a new entrant to these services.

Apple is actually paying up to $1 billion for its original programming reportedly. The services are expected to deliver the maximum number of new TV series and movie acquisitions.

Even though the service is yet to be announced, the company wants to promote a family-friendly theme without any signs of nudity or swearing.

What you’ll be expecting from the service? Let’s look into details.


Comedy shows like Dickinson and yet to be titled series from It’s Always Sunny. Both the series have their own unique humor bringing out societal pressures and issues, and depicting norms and cultures in innovative ways.


The drama lined up for now includes ‘The Morning Show’ based on a book by CNN reporter, Brian Stelter starring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carell.


Apple has signed various deals for upcoming projects. Apple wants to promote animated shows like Bob’s Burgers and animated films like Wolfwalkers.

Apple plans to release short animations featuring Astronaut Snoopy too. Further, the company has picked a variety of handful shows and specials for children.


Apple is adopting a classic science fiction from Isaac Asimov. The series will include 10 episodes. Further, an upcoming show called ‘See’ starring Jason Momoa will be released too.

Apple is currently working on a deal with Simon Kinberg and David Weil too. With this and many other deals signed by Apple, a variety of new science fiction shows will be included in the theme as well.


Rumor has it that Apple is planning to collaborate with Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson to produce an upcoming CIA drama.

In addition, shows like Are you sleeping, Defending Jacob, and Magic Hour will also be seen on the platform.


There are multiple ongoing projects featuring films like Hala and On the Rocks and shows like There’s Home.

Inspirational Shows

Apple has still a long way to go as compared to Netflix and Amazon. Still, the company is gaining a lot of attention of celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Hailee Steinfeld, Jennifer Aniston, Brie Larson etc. Not to mention, the creators like Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and J.J. Abrams, and many others who are supporting Apple and have signed deals with the company for various projects.

Apple is prepping up to launch a range of inspirational dramas and other family-oriented shows. Let’s see how well it goes for the company in the near future.



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