Is Technology the Answer to the Perfect Body?

Technology is increasingly changing our everyday realities, and the impact it has on the body is no different. There are so many different ways to achieve the ‘perfect body’. For many people, the cosmetic industry may not be considered as the most technologically advanced, however the industry is keeping up with new technologies to suit the shifting needs of their customers. The newest breakthroughs are non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and although they have been around for a while, more and more people are investing in them as a means to getting closer to their dream body without having to go under the knife. Whatever treatment you have, ensure that you visit a fully qualified and reputable medical spa, such as KLNIK in Cheshire, as specialist clinics will be able to offer you safe and effective treatments. Here are some of the best developments in technology that are sure to mix up your usual cosmetic routine!


Non-Surgical Face Lift

As we get older, our ability to produce collagen and elastin reduces, meaning that our skin can begin to age and lose its strength and elasticity. This ultrasound treatment encourages the development of collagen and elastin by targeting deep layers of the skin, without damaging the surface. A plus of this is that you can get great results without having to go under the knife, meaning you avoid any recovery time. The results can last over a year which is a bonus!


Sweat Gland Removal

Many of us have had embarrassing sweaty moments on a hot day or after a hard workout, so this treatment is the answer to our prayers! This treatment can safely eliminate sweat and odour glands, meaning you no longer have to worry about having embarrassing underarm sweat marks. This simple solution also removes hair follicles from under the arm, meaning your razors can be disposed of!


Getting a Six Pack in 2 hours?

A new device is available that is used to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle, and a 30 minute session can simulate doing 20,000 sit ups or squats! It would take an awful lot of energy to do the same yourself in the gym… The treatment is most effective for the abs or bum, and once again, a bonus is that you have no recovery time unlike having cosmetic surgery. It suggests that 4 treatments over 2 weeks will produce the best results.



Precisely controlled cooling is used to target fat cells, whilst not causing the skin any damage. It can target specific areas, and can reduce fat by up to 25%! From the abs and arms to bum and back, any area you feel insecure about can be targeted. Rather than spending hours in the gym on the cardio machines, taking this cooler option could be right for you!


Carbon Peel

Moving onto the face, a carbon laser facial creates smooth and glowing skin through the reduction of pores and the exfoliation of the skin, as well as getting rid of skin imperfections and reducing wrinkles. Popular with the celebrities, this carbon peel is the latest development in laser technology, and its use of carbon is what gets the results. After it is massaged into the face, it enters the pores and is then hit by laser light which causes the carbon to ‘explode’, meaning any build-up is removed. The heat from the laser encourages collagen growth, making the skin much stronger and more elastic. Being one of the cheaper options of all of these treatments, a carbon peel is a great way to try out non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and soon enough you may get bitten by the bug!

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