8 Typography trends to look for in 2019

8 Typography trends to look for in 2019

In general, Typography is an art of selecting all the right kind of creative fonts so as to build a connection and to communicate with the world effectively.  The careful selection of such fonts along with the perfect style is a sign of skilled typography that incites emotions and fascinates the audience to take interest in that particular brand.

New Research indicates that traditional typography written in standard black text with a white background is still the most effective way to express emotions clearly. Additional findings confirm that 12 point fonts are easily readable than 9 point fonts.

Let’s bid farewell to the old trends and based on the current findings, welcome the following new typography trends in 2019.

1. Artistic Fonts

Quirky or Artistic fonts create a long lasting impact on the audience. The funny or joyful emotions are never out of style and so are such fonts that create an out of the ordinary experience for their readers. They are definitely a thing in 2019.

2. Loud and Bold Fonts

These fonts represent elegance and class as they convey a bold message to their audience. The brands are always on the verge of inducing their audiences with something real and new and this anticipates the entire year of 2019 as the year of more bold and loud typography.

3. Vintage Fonts

With the future comes the appealing past. The vintage fonts generate a sense of nostalgia among the audience as they symbolize elegance and boldness at the same time develop strong emotional bonding towards the brand.

4. The Sans-Serif Affect

This font style is popular among all the leading brands so whether it’s basic sans without serif or sans with a ‘serif’, it is sure to attract a large number of audience. It wouldn’t be a mistake to call it the mother of typography as it affects the readers’ emotions greatly.

5. The Outline Fonts

This is perfect to create spark among the audiences as they are easily readable and designers from all over the world love to incorporate such fonts mainly by using Sans+serif or Sans+script to deliver a different typographic style.  

6. Personalized Fonts

These fonts are suitable for custom made posters or advertising. Needless to say, this type of typography will be a trend setter in 2019 as they are better suited to support a ‘cause’ or highlight certain issues. 

7.  Calligraphic Script Fonts

No matter what style, these fonts imitate all the amazing looks and creates a reflection of a series of emotions involving classy, bold, serious or elegance. They could be used for incorporating calligraphic tones with the modern touch.

8.  Hand-Letter Fonts

This could be best described as the modern love meets the traditional fairytale as they are good to express emotions about love and bonding.

These 8 cool emerging trends will dominate the world of typography in 2019 but the selection of right fonts entirely depends on the users who want to generate specific audience for their brand.

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