TOP 10 Tips How To Make Your Smartphone Battery Live Long

Whenever you go, you have to think twice when packing. There are many things to prepare and think about. Do you need a laptop? Do you need a smartphone? Of course, you need a useful gadget by your side to book a hostel, pick the best restaurant for dinner, find out the cheapest shops and markets. Also, you can use a smartphone app to rent a car. You may try Enterprise in Sacramento or whenever you are going to. Have doubts? You can read feedback just of the page. Also, you should think of battery for not to have your smartphone hopelessly discharged when you need it.

Definitely, the working time of your smartphone doesn’t last long. Of course, it is very smart to have a charger near at hand. But the things don’t often go as it was planned. So, your charger is at home now and your smartphone is almost dead. What are you going to do? Here are TOP ADVICES about what to do with your phone battery before you are leaving home. Just try to learn when to charge your phone, what to switch off and on, and which apps and settings are needed to get the most of your battery life.

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Battery TIPS for Travelers

  1. Take Portable Charger

Of course, it is recommended to use a native charger to charge your telephone in the best way before you go. But you should know you can easily charge your useful device even if you can’t cooperate with an electricity point. How? You should have a portable charger like a Powerstation or Mophie pack.

  1. Watch Your Phone Battery

Try to clean your smartphone ports regularly. Watch your battery! Don’t let it get hot and try not to use it outside at a cold weather. To make it cooler you can buy another so-called extra battery to change it when it is needed.

  1. Upgrade Your Smartphone

It is not a secret that new smartphone models have long living batteries. In general they can work for 48 hours minimum. That’s great! Try to upgrade your smartphone so that you can make your battery live long.

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  1. Effective Usage

Try to turn off Wi-Fi when you don’t need it often. Wi-Fi usually takes much energy from your gadget because it is always searching a signal. Also, you can switch off 4G LTE. Keep your telephone not bright and close all apps when you stop using them. Also, you can set your e-mail to receive messages every 20 minutes. If it is possible, try to keep your gadget in a sleep mood. It is rather energy saving.

  1. Switch off Push-Messages

Definitely, you want to know the latest news with comments from FB. But all these messages take some energy from your gadget. Switch them off and a list of other different functions when you need to save energy.

  1. Change Setting

Change display setting. Make sure that such functions as Bluetooth, GPS are inactive now. What about your display wallpaper? Don’t use animated display as it also takes much energy. Also, make sure you have enough time of autonomous work to update setting. As a rule, it takes about 3 days after updating to restore a battery work and improve its working condition. Remember that!

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  1. Use Special Energy Saving Apps

You can find such optimizing apps as Battery Graph and others to help you to control a battery working condition.

  1. Don’t Turn Off Smartphone

Do you think the best way to save your phone energy is turning it off when you don’t use it? Actually, your laptop, tablet or telephone takes more energy when you turn it off and on. It is better to keep it in a sleep mood when you don’t need it. Also, you can switch it off every 48 hours, wait for 30 seconds and switch it on again. It helps to reset your gadget and cut off all unnecessary apps.

  1. Don’t Forget to Charge

Don’t forget to charge your phone’s battery but not very often. To make it optimally workable try to charge your phone when only 10% left. Then charge it up to 100% and use wisely. Don’t charge your phone when it is not 10% yet.

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  1. Discharge Tablet Battery Once a Month

If you want to make your tablet battery work longer, you should discharge it to the full at least once a month. It’s not difficult to remember! Also, it cannot stop you from booking the best restaurant for tonight!

Of course, it is impossible to go traveling without music and entertainment purchases on your phone. If you have a portable charger, you may not be afraid of charging your phone very often. Do you have a good on-road entertainment? If not, you can listen to your favorite music or watch an interesting show on your phone. Your smartphone apps will improve your trip or never-ending wait at the airport. Nevertheless, try to watch the battery all the time and keep your phone full charged.

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