TOP 9 Working Habits that Make You Look Professional

Do you like your job? That’s great if you have a good job! Of course, you can make money on your own, growing up your own small business. Anyway, you always want to look good to your partners, clients, and even to your boss. What do you need to look good? It is important to have good knowledge about the project, comfortable office, and prestigious car for transportation. If you don’t have any car, it’s not a problem at all. You may rent a car from Alamo CVG every time you come to a new city in business. Anything else?

Here are some practical tips to help you grow your customer base. NEVER DO THAT!

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Use Emojis

There are many moments in your professional life when you want to send a happy face (emojis) to your boss or partners. Of course, you may do that only if your working environment is favorable for that and always send emojis with your messages. Otherwise, it is not recommended to do that. Using emojis in your e-mails makes people think of you as an incompetent and tractable person. Just try to be strict and clear.

Say Sorry

If you’ve made a mistake, just take it and try to learn from it. Nobody likes people who used to say “Sorry” instead of correcting them. You always have much to say about why you didn’t do or what made you to do wrong, but it doesn’t really matter. Your efforts always matter as much as your result. Don’t stop on your mistakes, just take it and move on.

Keep Your Family in Secret

Of course, it is a wise decision to separate your family and job. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t keep your family in secret. Pay attention to your desk. If it is clean and clear, with no family pictures, silly but sweet souvenirs, drawings, books, your partner may think of you as a secret person who doesn’t pay much attention to your work. Make your desk a special place that is absolutely comfortable for you.

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Wear Dirty Ties and Collars

Do you keep any special dress code for your work? There was the time when people had to keep special office style. They wore strict suits, blouses and pencil-skirts, shirts and ties. The style is changing. You may wear your favorite jeans and T-shirt and feel comfortable. Is it good or bad? Actually it depends on your office regulations and rules. Nevertheless, try to keep your clothes clean.

Go Back from Work Early

Do you have a habit to go back from the office earlier? Of course, you can do it once or twice or any other time you really need to take your daughter to the dance class. But if you used to leave your office 20 minutes earlier every day, you’d better refuse from this bad habit. It makes people think of you as a person who really doesn’t care about his job.

Do Gossiping

Nobody likes gossiping! It makes you look bad. You may never know who is standing behind the wall in the rest room and listening to your bad comments. Just remember if you cannot say anything good and to the point, just keep your mouth shut.

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Keep E-mails Unanswered

Do you think people think of you as a clever and responsible person? You have to answer e-mails. Of course, it seems to be boring to get stuck in your post on weekend. Nevertheless, pay attention to this fact. Your late answer looks like you are busy and cannot pay enough attention to your partner. Don’t overdo! You shouldn’t be stuck to your laptop! Usually, it doesn’t take much time. Remember that e-mails and phone calls are the main communication forms in the modern business.

Do Personal

If you used to talk to your best friend by phone every morning, please, do it at home or in the nearest café when you are free. The same is about texting, chatting. It is better to avoid personal meeting at work. Personal communication is for your free time only.

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Never late! Of course, your car may be broken and your jacket cracked. You are ill or missed taxi. What’s wrong? There is nothing wrong if you usually come to the office in time. It’s ok to be late just several times. But if you come late every day, it is a big problem. There is always someone who noticed that you are late every day.

You cannot do right all the time. There are many situations in your business life when you have to stop and think. What are you doing? Is it good or bad for your career? It is important your partners trust you. You can hire a good car, book a luxury dinner for a business meeting, but it’s not enough. Your reputation as a business partner means much. So, don’t go wrong.

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