‘Flutter’ and ‘React Native’ Mobile App Development Tools will rule 2019

‘Flutter’ and ‘React Native’ Mobile App Development Tools will rule 2019
‘Flutter’ and ‘React Native’ Mobile App Development Tools will rule 2019

The technological era has greatly switched from websites to mobile applications. The market is almost loaded from open source to delicate application development tools like Microsoft’s Xamarin, Adobe’s PhoneGap or Sencha Touch. These tools have been built to high function with main platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.

The certain specifications demand the right application tools rather than choosing the best tools. However, the recent launching of these two mobile app development tools, Flutter 1.0 in Dec 2018 and React Native in April 2015 have still outperformed many popular applications in 2018. Needless to say, these application tools will rule in 2019.

The Mobile App Developers are expanding their business by reaching out to different tools that are cost friendly and offers minimum development time. Applications like Netflix, Bingo and many more have changed the overall outlook of the companies and the developers in 2018.

The rise of 2019 also welcomes new demands and high expectations as the competitive industry is continuously seeking out innovation and such resources that are long term. The many new features of Flutter and React Native are aligned below to provide a better understanding of the useful tools.


Flutter’s 1.0 version was recently introduced by Google in 2018. It is a free mobile app SDK and an open source to develop Native Android and iOS applications from a single code base. The Flutter’s old alpha and beta version were introduced earlier too.

Major Features

  • Offers Unique and Customized themed interfaces with a flutter engine
  • Supportive of IDEs like Xcode, Visual Studio and Android Studio
  • Uses C, C++ and Dart Language
  • Available for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
  • Apps like Ali Express and Google Ads are built with Flutter


  • The new flutter beta version offers innovative tools that could be easily used in the given framework.
  • It offers Rapid app development with Google’s UI Framework.
  • Includes new widgets and older widgets can be modified.
  • Accompanies rich motion APIs and material design


  • Lacks user support as it’s still a newbie
  • Lacks flexibility when it comes to web applications

React Native

This is the Native version of the Javascript library introduced by Facebook and Insta developers in 2015. This is also a cross-platform tool which uses a single code base.

Major Features

  • The ‘hot reload’ feature increases time efficiency and performance.
  • Cost Friendly and Speedy development
  • Uses Java and Objective –C Language
  • Available for Large and Medium Enterprises
  • Apps like Air BnB, Walmart and Soundcloud are built with React Native


  • It is supported by a lot of experts and Facebook community
  • It allows using third party libraries like Native Base or Shoutem
  • It has a stable User Interface that increases native user experience
  • The development time is fairly less as the components are ready to use


  • Lacks certain tools for UI and Automation testing
  • Offers limited collection due to Ready to use components


Flutter and React Native mobile development tools have their own pros and cons since Flutter is still newly released in the market while React Native has already made a strong ground-based on years of stability, reliability, and achievements. These tools are now engaging more clients in future as they are convenient to use, easy to handle and provides a great user experience on all the platforms. Both the tech giants Google and Facebook are giving a tough competition to Microsoft and Adobe as they are further planning to add new features in their tools in 2019 that could continuously support framework like iOS, Android, Windows etc. Currently, Flutter is being used in the process to develop Google Fuchsia OS which is a next-generation mobile application.

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