Importance of computer literacy

Literacy traditionally is defined as the ability to read, write, spell, listen, and speak. However, world dynamics and shifting, so is the definition of literacy. Anyone can determine that restricting to this definition would be a primitive idea. The horizons of defining a literate person must be broadened. Many places have included the ability of comprehension of the definition. The OECD countries are even considering to include the skills to access knowledge through technology as a requirement to be qualified as being literate. The day is not far when the definition would bound you to be computer literate to fit in the description of literacy.

Computers have practically become an extension of the human body. A world without computers is unimaginable. This scenario makes us laugh at founder and former president and chairman of DEC, Ken Olsen’s statement “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” From a small shop at the street corner to the Space giants such as NASA, computers have become immensely important. The importance needs no testimonials, it is evident. Looking at future speculations, the role of computers is bound to become more significant. Thus making it important to understand how all this works.

The way computers work has evolved completely. Not a decade ago computers had a dual-core processor, and that was considered the epitome of performance. Now they enable us to develop and run complex applications and languages like Java, python, .NET Technologies etc. The key to success in contemporary times and to make yourself a person of value in the future is to learn and associate yourself with computers. Digital marketing, Search engine optimization, Application development, and learning computer languages are the skills that you need to know. Such is the importance of knowing these things. If you equip yourself with such skills you will open up unlimited doors of possibilities. Whether you plan on starting your own business venture or you are looking to acquire and grow on a job, these skills can break your glass ceilings and enhance your importance.

It is important to enroll yourself in institutes like Inventateq. They have a professional staff that masters various skills like devops training, SEO, RPA Training, Cloud Technologies, computer languages (Python, Java, .NET) and web development courses in chennai. They offer these courses at nominal rates and provide a highly professional learning environment. The institute has transformed numerous individuals by equipping them with these important skills. They even guarantee job placement after courses. Such an opportunity must never be missed. Computers are the future of this world, and you can be a significant part of it if you learn these skills of paramount importance.

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