5 Black Friday Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Social media is widely used by many marketers and business owners to boost their exposure, reach, and sales in their e-commerce businesses. There are a wide variety of social media platforms that can be used. There’s Facebook for relationship building, Twitter for live updates, YouTube for all video content, and Pinterest and Instagram for visual materials. All of these platforms, if utilized in the right way, will give a significant positive effect on your business.

Black Friday is coming, and your business needs to achieve the target sales for a holiday. Reading this article will help you with that task. We will be giving you five different practices using social media in marketing to increase your conversion rates and overall sales. Sit back and continue reading this article.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and it is widely known as the busiest day of shopping for many people. It opens the holiday season where at least 30% of overall sales of various stores and online stores are coming from. According to a research about Black Friday shows that purchases for the mobile sector only is going at least $1 billion every Black Friday. This day is a good opening and opportunity for every business to achieve a breakthrough in their sales. To obtain a relatively higher number of conversion rates than your past years’ performances, you can use social media as a catalyst. The following five tips can help your business in this upcoming Black Friday.

1. Update your Social Media Profiles

First of all, you need to update your social media profile. You should start revamping your profile by Black Friday. All of your audience should know that you are participating in Black Friday and let them also know that different deals are waiting for them.

In updating your profile, you may start creating a visual campaign for Black Friday by updating your display photo and your cover photo. Produce a campaign related to Black Friday that your audience will quickly know. Your call-to-action button in your profile can also be updated. You can change it into a button that will redirect your users to your home page. Lastly, you can create different posts that emphasizes your discounts and deals available for Black Friday. Maximize Facebook advertising to easily reach the right audience and generate more sales on the world’s largest social network.

2. Invest in Social Media Advertising

Social media is a good place for ads, and it is easy for everyone to venture into boosted or paid ads. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have different offerings when it comes to boosted posts. You can start investing at a price to target your audience. The price will be based on how big your target audience is and how long the ad will run on your chosen platform.

Even if the price is high, it is a good investment because whatever happens, paid ads will reach your target audience. It is an effective social media strategy for your brand and a great way to invest in your marketing techniques and for the exposure of your e-commerce store on Black Friday.

3. Offer Discounted or Free Shipping

Different e-commerce stores easily lure many people because of free or discounted shipping. Many potential customers are dropping their shopping cart because of high shipping fees. If you can offer free or discounted ones, you can easily get a lot of people buying in your store. Here’s a guide from Red Stag to a profitable free shipping for your business.

If you offer free or discounted shipping fees, you should let your audience know that you are offering one. Create different posts for all of your social media platforms. The main objective is to let everyone know that shipping is free or discounted in your store.

4. Use Strong CTAs

When posting different CTAs on your social media platforms, make them as strong as possible. You can make strong CTAs in focusing on how fast Black Friday is. You can craft your CTAs with the themes of scarcity and urgency.

You can drive people to buy and shop products with urgency and scarcity of the products. It is a simple yet very effective technique to boost your sales. You need to make people think that all of your goods are in limited supply and it can spark an immediate action from them. You can use time-related words in your CTAs such as “limited stocks available,” “today only,” “shop now,” and more.

Remember to use these keywords in moderation since many users and audiences will become immune to these kinds of marketing practices.

5. Think of Custom Hashtags

Hashtags are made to create an organized set of tweets that are under a specific topic. People are using it to contribute to a certain phenomenon in a social media platform. You can use it to engage with your audience and users.

Some businesses will use the #BlackFriday hashtag, but you can create a different hashtag without taking off the relevance of Black Friday in the hashtag. With this, you can easily track your customers and other people tweeting about your Black Friday campaign. You can easily start a conversation with them and strengthen your relationship with them. Start as early as possible when using your personalized hashtags and use them in every content you will post online.


Final Thoughts!

Your social media content can give significant help in your Black Friday campaign. Make sure always to create the highest quality of your content and execute it in the right place and at the right time. Lastly, never forget to prioritize the best shopping experience that your shoppers must get from you; start giving it to them through your social media presence.


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