Online and Offline File Conversion

Most often, you have a task of converting the document into an editable Word format, but that was not presumable until a few years ago. You had to go through the laborious process of typing the whole text from an image file. It used to take the hours These days, it is not a big thing to digitize any scanned image into an editable word document. The technology used is called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It analyzes the written or scanned text of the image file. You can conveniently convert any scanned document into an editable word Format by using this technology. It helps to recognize the characters which cannot be copied or edited from an image file. When you will explore the software, you observe, there are lots of software present in converting the file. It is fine, but when you would come to know that there are two types of software available Online File converter and Offline File Converter. Which one do you want to go with? You should try both of them, then you will come to know which one is best for the file conversion. Let’s have a look at some points which should be considered before selecting the software:

  • 1If you do file conversion online, you are not sure that you get a converted file instantly. Perhaps, you have to wait a little longer. Sometimes if you are facing the problem of slow internet connection, it might be the annoying task for you because first of all, you will not get the results on time and the other thing is you may get a lower quality image. In case of Offline File Conversion, you have to download the software which is just a few minutes to process. After that, you can do file conversion any time and with the help of JPG to Word Converter, your file conversion will never delay.

  • Suppose, you have to complete a task of converting the many files in a single day. But if you are doing file conversion Online, it can create a problem for you because most of the Online File Converters give you only one chance for converting the image file in a day, but once you download the software from Soft solutions, you can do multiple files conversion at a time in just a few minutes.
  • An image file or document which is most valuable for you and you have to maintain its secrecy, cannot be secured by the method of Online File Conversion. It gives you the least security of your image file as you are doing it online. Anyone can steal or copy your important data. In Offline File Conversion, there is no worry regarding the security issue of the file because JPG to Word Converter gives the watermark security and password protection. Your document secrecy will always keep secure.
  • The quality and accuracy of the image file matter so much, but if you are doing the Online Conversion, it is not mandatory that you would get the desired result. You will miss the useful features in Online File Converters, so you do not get the chance to format your file according to your preferences. In Offline Conversion, you always get the highest quality of the document (Your image file quality is always being good for conversion).

  •  You are dealing with foreign clients and your image file is in another language, so it is difficult to convert your file with Online Converter because you get the one or two languages for converting the file, but in the Offline Converter (JPG to word) it has an option to recognize over 40 languages characters and gives you the accurate and original format.


You are now aware of the two types of file conversion: “Online Conversion” and “Offline Conversion”. It depends on you which one is best for the file conversion. Even though there are lots of software exist online which can digitize your image file or document into a Word format. I recommend choosing the offline Converter if you need to convert the image file regularly. It would be valuable for you if you require the final result to be of high quality, the input, with regard to scanning, should equally be of high quality