How to Choose the Right Prom Dress Color

When it comes to picking the right prom dress, there are so, so many factors to consider. For starters, do you want a short prom dress? A long prom dress? Are you looking to get super fancy and glamorous, or do you want more of an understated look? Are you going to match with your date, or are you guys going to do your own thing?

Most importantly, you’ll need to consider what color dress you’ll be wearing!

This is often a super difficult choice, not only because there are thousands of options out there, but because it can be hard to determine what looks good on you versus what you actually like – for example, maybe you love purple, but not everyone can pull off a purple prom dress. You’ll need to consider several different factors before selecting the ideal choice, which can be dizzying and overwhelming.

We’ve teamed up with JJ’s House Designer Jessica to put together some of the top consideration you should be consulting before picking out the perfect prom dress! Check out our list below.

Consider Your Skin Tone

This is a hugely important factor. Like we said above, even if you absolutely love the way a color looks, that doesn’t always mean it’s a good choice for you to wear. This is where your skin tone comes in. Try to figure out what sort of tone and undertone your skin has, then do a little research to figure out what looks best on you!

Decide How Classic or Formal You Want to Go

Is this a formal affair? Do you need to go super classic and wear white prom dresses or black prom dresses? Is this more of a spring-fling than an actual formal? Consider what kind of event you’ll be attending before you pick a color for your dress. If it’s formal, you might want to forgo anything too wild. If it’s casual, maybe fun colors are an appropriate choice!

Do You Care About Seasons or Trends?

If you’re having a tough time picking out a color for your dress, you should definitely start to narrow down the overwhelming search by considering the season and the 2019 trends. If you’re looking at a spring or summer prom, pastels, patterns, and light colors are a great choice! If you’re looking at a fall or winter prom, deep, dark tones typically rule! Consult a few seasonal guides on colors to determine what might be fitting for your prom’s season. Also, check out our article about trendy colors for 2019 to get a better idea of what’s hot and what’s not!

Check out JJ’s House

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