Top IoT Application Development Companies in the World

IoT is the latest best thing in the tech world. Every company is trying to get ahead in this new area but it is not that easy. Some people find it difficult to understand the meaning of IoT so we will start with the introduction to IoT.

IoT stands for Internet of Things and is a platform where multiple devices are connected over the internet too with an on and off switch. Basically, IoT helps in home automation, medical field, manufacturing and other industries that cannot use manpower at large.

Let us look at the app development companies that do IoT based mobile app development:


Appinventiv is one such company that build high performing IoT based applications. The team of developers at Appinventiv is highly skilled and well versed with the development process. These 350 skilled members have built apps that have reached millions of downloads together. The company has a global presence including Dubai, Germany and New York and that has helped them work with clients all over the world. They have an understanding team that caters to the client’s needs and wants.

Contact: [email protected]

Swenson He

Swenson He is a company that provides IoT based applications with great performance. The company was formed by two people, Nick Swenson, and Chao He. They are currently working on the latest IoT technology to build products that are effective and usable at the same time.  The company has received many good recommendations from clients and partners for the work they. Their team of developers and designers create rich UI that makes the application look appealing.

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HQSoftware is delivering great solutions since the year 2001 and now is listed as one of the best IoT based app development companies. They are developing IoT based apps for clients who want to try the new technology for their business. It is known how good IoT is for the business and therefore many companies want to incorporate it into their business model. The company is trusted by clients all over the world and is said to provide the application with good UI and performance. They never stop communicating with their clients in order to create something exactly as the clients want.

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Lemberg Solutions

Along with web and mobile solutions, Lemberg Solutions provide IoT based applications as well. They have a skilled team of developers who are up to date with the latest technological trends in the market. The company has worked in many industries such as hospitality, healthcare, automotive, social networking, etc. This gives them extensive knowledge about the different application development requirements in each field. Some apps that were developed by them are eLearning apps, an app for college and an app to control the drone.


Intuz used to develop applications for clients all over the world and slowly started getting into the latest technology known as IoT. IoT features such as Beacon, GPS and sensors are used by them during mobile app development. The team is good with adopting new technologies as and when needed which makes them highly dynamic. The company has seen progress in their performance ever since they started. They have developed apps for petrol stations, hotel booking apps, and marketing apps.

Contact: +91 7948902497

Momento Technologies

Momento Technologies is a company that provides great solutions for web and mobile. They also provide digital marketing solutions and consultancy. The company has adopted the latest tech trend IoT and has developed multiple apps based on IoT technology. This company has a track record at being consistent with delivering apps to its clients all over the world. The team at Momento technologies is highly skilled and driven. Together they have achieved a lot of rankings and recognition on online platforms.

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Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is reputed name in the app development world. The company is trusted by clients and partners all over the world and has earned high ranks on multiple platforms. When it comes to IoT based app development, this company has achieved a lot. They have been in business since 2003 and till now have more than 2500 satisfied clients. Their solutions are highly customer centric which shows how much they value their clients’ needs.

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