How Start-ups Can win More Deals by Putting Sales on Autopilot?

Generating new business each month can be a challenging task for startups but certainly not impossible. Marketing and sales if done correctly can actually generate new business every month and can grow an organization’s sales graph.

There are many businesses that still follow a traditional way like using spreadsheets or open source tools to maintain customer database and work on it. Using these tools is not something wrong but those do not produce results, in fact, become very time-consuming mediums. There are also organizations that do use a CRM to manage their overall sales process but that too requires a lot of manual intervention.

Let us first understand one fact that all the solutions are made to reduce human efforts and hence any organization or a start-up must choose tools that let you focus on core activities than on entering and tracking details manually.

Today, we’ll share some great tips for startups who can actually put their sales on autopilot using a Sales CRM and win more deals every month:-

1] Let CRM manage your follow-up and communication:-

CRM’s have now become smart and automated and you can easily follow-up with your prospects and customers while you are in a meeting. You just need to set a few rules with the CRM and the follow-ups are good to go. With this, you can also manage your bulk communication by sending bulk mail campaigns. You get to send custom bulk emails, track emails, sync emails and also create a custom template. All in one place without investing a penny in any other tool.

Startups in their early stages have to be price conscious and hence should choose tools that are cost effective which lets you have everything in one place. By going ahead with such automated Sales CRM’s you can easily save money that you must have actually thought of spending over a separate email marketing tool.

2] Customize and set your own rules in CRM-

It is often observed that businesses have to adjust as per the CRM’s flow as CRM’s are not very flexible when it comes to customization. There are CRM’s which are customizable but need developers help to fit in exactly as per your business processes.

It is wise to choose a CRM that comes with DIY customization feature. Which means easy to use and you can do it yourself without the help of a dedicated developer. For example: If you are in real estate business, you would want to track other details along with customer details like on-going projects, completed projects, list or prospects interested in a particular project etc. For this, you will need separate tables and which can be done with the help of DIY customizable CRM. Similarly, you can also set custom rules/business flows like automatically creating a  deal right when the contact is created.

All these customizations will help you have your business process set just like the way you want and reduces manual efforts in managing data. These customizations might not directly help you grow sales but you can organize the data the way you want and automation of repetitive activities will help you save time that can be invested elsewhere.

3] Skip manual data entry-

With an automated CRM you will never require to make a manual data entry in the CRM. You can integrate all your marketing and sales mediums that generate leads with the CRM and directly start taking actions on this data like making calls, sending emails etc.

Using tools like Piesync,Zapier and API, you can integrate more than 1000 apps like QuickBooks, Slack etc and make all your tools fall under one place.

4] Set automated task and follow-up reminders:-

Never forget to get in touch with any customer as with an automated CRM you can set tasks and follow-up reminders. For example: you can set a task to call a contact right when a contact/lead is created.

You can also set an auto follow-up email series right when the contact is created. This reduces efforts and time that is usually consumed in following up with the customer. This skips your chances of missing up on an important deal.


Abhishek Agrawal is the Founder & CEO at CompanyHub CRM. A technology lover and a writer who loves to give simple solutions on making sales teams lives easier. You can get in touch with him on Linkedin

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