Pro tips to keep your data safe when travelling to China!

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China is one of the most exciting and rewarding places to explore; however, the country can also be intimidating for the businesses that aren’t alert!

Their valuable things and data could be vulnerable to snooping. And the worst, someone could put their emails, phone conversation as well as the Internet for surveillance.

Depending on where you are flying to, devices like tablets, digital cameras, Smartphone, laptops might get exposed to viruses, activity tracking and other issues.

Nevertheless, be extra cautious and make security a priority when working in China:

Don’t Use Public Charging Stations:

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Unless it’s very urgent, don’t use public USB charging stations at airports and train stations. Instead, choose an electric outlet port for charging your device. As the USB cables are easy for the hackers to tamper, it can put your device at risk.

Use A Trusted VPN Service:

A trusted VPN service will keep your data safe from the prying eyes. Since you’ll be connecting your device to public Wi-Fi hotspots at hotels, airports and other shops, your data will not be safe. However, a VPN service from your company or a third-party will hide your data from getting spied. You can look for best VPN for China which will create an encrypted tunnel for the internet traffic to protect it from getting tampered.  

Prepare Your Laptop For Safety:

Make sure that your laptop’s security software is up-to-date. Install all updates for the operating system as well as updates from other software’s. Keep Bluetooth earphones and keyboards at home, and make sure that all the Bluetooth enabled devices are turned off. Also lock your laptop, phone and other devices with a PIN or password.

Keep Unneeded Data To Other Devices:

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Companies that are in some renounced business are more vulnerable to cyber hacking. Therefore, they should only keep the important data with them or can use travel-only devices. This way, they will be able to protect their data, and if anything happens, they won’t lose much of the data.

Keep More Sensitive Data On The Cloud:

Use cloud services to keep all your sensitive data. Whether it’s the confidential business data that you want to protect from border agents or you are just worried about the country’s hackers, keeping the data on the cloud will safeguard you.

Encrypt The Information:

Many tools let you encrypt information on electronic devices to hide data from the unauthorized services. Just remember the passwords and relax, your data is safe and secure!

Sign Out From Everything:

Sign out from email and other social media site to keep your data safe. Also, sign out of all apps from tablets and Smartphone that might have your personal information. Some of the common apps include email apps, notes app, Dropbox, Google Drive, calendars and much more. Make sure to clear your browsing history and delete cookies from the browser.

Keep All Your Connections Safe:

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Don’t sign in to someone else network, public computers, internet cafes, hotel business centers and all unsecured networks. No matter how secure they are, you can’t gauge how they can hamper your device and can access your data.

If you are connecting to your hotel’s Wi-Fi or another network, use a travel router. Further, avoid sending personal information, photos or any other sensitive corporate or personal information via email, or direct messaging tool. Also, limit receiving or making voice calls using voicemails. If you have to send or receive any mail, create a temporary account beforehand.

Reformat Devices When You Are Back In The Country:

Make sure to wipe or reformat devices or tablets after coming home or office. Remove SIM cards and expose them and take your phones to recycling centers. This will completely clean your devices and will protect your data from getting breached.

Although Smartphones, high-speed wireless networks and laptops have made staying connected to the family or business easy, it has aboard risks to the privacy. Also, it brings the share of concern, especially for the people who are travelling internationally.

However, keep above tips in mind and explore China with ease. After all the country have tons of amazing places and amazing destinations to witness.


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