How To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog

How To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog

Good news. Starting a blog has never been easier. Bad news. Getting your blog to your audience has never been more difficult. With millions of blogs competing for the ever diminishing human attention span, driving traffic to a new blog can be an onerous task if you don’t know how to go about it.

Blogging isn’t just about creating original content, you have to get people to read it too. The point of starting a blog is to get people to read it and engage you and maybe through the traffic you can earn some money through the blog.

Here are ways to drive more traffic to your blog.

Content Marketing

Creating original and engaging content is the foundation upon which all great blogs are built. Your content must be original, don’t just plagiarize content from other websites and hope that you will miraculously build a loyal readership. Be creative and original.

Content marketing starts with the web design. Your website should be user-friendly, attractive and easy to navigate. More importantly, it should load faster.

The lengths of your posts should be long enough to keep the visitor engaged and long enough in the blog but not too long as to get them bored midway through your posts.

Search engines reward sites with fresh content and it’s therefore important to regularly update your blog with new posts. This is also one of the best ways to drive organic content to your site. Visitors will keep returning for more and share and recommend your blog to their social circles further increasing your traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mastering SEO techniques is essential in this digital era where people use search engines to find relevant content in the web. SEO makes sure your blog has a good ranking in search engines.

Keywords and link building are two most important SEO techniques. You need to do your research on the relevant keywords applicable to your articles and blogging niche and use them appropriately without spamming. Keyword spamming is overusing keywords in your content so much that it affects the quality and if often counterproductive since search engines penalize such underhand strategies.

Link building is including relevant links in your content to other similar sites. This establishes your blog as an authority in the relevant niche. Again, do not put to many backlinks in your content since it waters down the quality of the content. Two or three per post are often enough. You can teach yourself SEO techniques at Webloggerz.Com.

Social Media Sharing

It is important to open social media accounts for your blog. This makes it easy for you to share your content with a wider global audience and also engage your readership.

Automate your blog such that whenever you post a new article it is instantly shared on all your social media platforms. Some of the social media sites for driving traffic include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which is particularly essential for fashion bloggers.

Do not however use automation to overlook genuine interactions with your audience. Comment, retweet and like other posts to gain more visibility.