How To Integrate Social Media With Your SEO Efforts?

How To Integrate Social Media With Your SEO Efforts?

Social media has become an alternative way for gaining traffic, although for the most part, it is still unable to beat search engines, when it comes to traffic generation. However, social media will continue to grow, because it is an immersive way for people to interact with one another and share information. So, it is important for you to incorporate social media in your SEO efforts. The first thing that you should do is to have an official account of your website in social media. The name of your social media should be similar to the domain name and you also need to incorporate the logo.

Your profile details should be consistent in all social media platforms. People often switch between different social media platforms as well and when they see your account, they will know it is from the same website or company. This will increase your brand awareness and people will start to remember you better. Each time you have a new post in your primary website, you can share that in various social media. In order to improve readership, you should know more about social media users.

You need to learn more about how social media users behave and think. After a few weeks, you should have an idea about things that they need and want. In order to improve readership, you should also try to build relationships. Social media allows for direct interactions and it would be quite easy for you to do that. Each time you have good responses in social media for your website content, you get a trickle of traffic and some of them will start to use your website as their references. This will accumulate and snowball, until you have a significant base of readership.

However, you should know that some social media platforms will consider regular posts with link to the same website, is considered as spam. So, it is a good idea to have social media posts that are created genuinely to provide information for your social media audience. You may also occasionally provide information with an external website that’s used as references. This should provide enough variety in your social media account and your attempt to promote your own website won’t be considered as spammy.

It is also important to ensure at which social media platform that you seem to perform best. Your target audience may prefer to gather in one social media account, so you need to focus on that. YOu should be able to determine after spending a few months in various social media platforms using your official accounts. There are analytics tool that can help you to determine the source of the traffic, so you will be able to determine the best-performing social media account. It is also important to know that your real goal isn’t to gain direct traffic from social media. It is much better to aim for higher reputation in the industry, which will result in quality backlinks, better SERP and eventually, organic traffic from search engine.

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