3 Common Reasons That Can Lead To PPC Marketing Failure

Pay per click advertising is an effective way of acquiring new customers especially in a competitive niche market. However, it’s not as easy as it always looks. Although no one gets into a PPC strategy looking forward to failure, because of unforeseen circumstances PPC programs can fail to achieve the desired results. There are many reasons though that could limit success but in this post we are going to focus on three. The aim here is to give you a simple understanding of how PPC works and some of the factors that need to be right for everything to go as planned. Without further ado, here are some of the common reasons why your SEM Stockholm and PPC campaign may fail:

A Poorly Designed Landing Page

The landing page is the platform where the client will take an action. After spending so much money on marketing, your goal is to get traffic flowing towards your landing page. However, as you can imagine this is not enough. Once the customer is at the landing page they need to be inspired enough to fill in a form for example, or subscribe to a newsletter, or even buy something. Whether they do this or not is entirely depends on how well the landing page is designed. Avoid putting too many options on the landing page. If for example you are looking to build a mailing list, only have a mailing subscription form and that’s it. Adding to many possible actions will only confuse the site visitor and there is a chance they will leave without doing anything.

Failing To Recognize That You Need External Expertise

SEM is such a diverse and dynamic area and skills vary from one expert to another. While you may have the experts for SEM at your disposal, it’s always nice to get external input just to be sure you are not missing anything. Many companies are investing a lot of money on PPC marketing and not many are getting the return on Investment they perhaps hoped for. This can be rectified with additional expertise from an external SEM expert.

Measuring The Wrong Metrics

Metrics are used to tell whether your PPC campaign is working or not. However, measuring the wrong metrics can create a wrong impression that goes contrary to what the reality actually is. Take for example the quality score that measures relevancy of keywords used in ad campaigns, although it’s important, it doesn’t really indicate success or failure in PPC. It is possible to have a high quality score and a very low return on investment. What you need to pay attention to are the metrics that are directly related to the sales funnel. The Click through rate for example that shows you how many people are clicking through your ads is a good metric to focus on. Don’t also forget the bounce rate too.

Failure in PPC is a whole lot common than most people may think but it only takes a few steps to set yourself up for success.