Why GPS Tracking Technology Is Good For Your Business?

Why GPS Tracking Technology Is Good For Your Business

In many companies, there are fleet managers that are required to handle a fleet of vehicles that are being operated. They can be used to deliver goods, services or people. There are many factors related to a vehicle, such as mileage and the regular maintenance costs. Fleet managers also need to determine the most appropriate delivery routes to save time, vehicle lifespan and fuel. These managers could get better results using GPS tracking technology. The simpler and more affordable solution is the passive logger, which work passively. The passive GPS device is embedded inside the vehicle. Logger devices are able to record vehicle information into the database. The information will be retrieved from each vehicle and collected into the computer. These devices are inexpensive and have very compact sizes. They do an excellent job of telling administrators of where each vehicle has been. The problem is that you don’t immediately know about the status of each vehicle and the logger device works like blackbox in an aircraft.

Even so, for a lower price, we will still have a good wealth information about the route of the vehicle. In order to gain better control, it is also a good thing if we choose real time GPS tracker. Not only the system will log information about the vehicle, we will know the actual location of the vehicle at any given time. A common way is to implement this is by using existing mobile phone technology. The data will be sent to the central office and the fleet manager will be able to determine whether specific decisions will need to be made. This is especially true for delivery services that frequently pick up goods to be delivered to specific people. Without proper management, the service will become more costly. The tracking system may not monitor the fleet every second and some systems, may refresh the latest status of all vehicles every 30 seconds or 1 minute. With this system, fleet managers should be able to quickly see the entire advantage of the system. This is especially true for vehicles that have high maintenance and operational costs. It means that each minute of its operation should contribute to the operation of the business.

The fleet manager is able to direct vehicles for better routes, if there are traffic jams in usual routes. This will allow drivers to deliver goods to the destination quickly. Inefficiency will result in accumulated lost working hours and it also means that businesses will lose money steadily. A lot of money could be thrown away on the road each day, if drivers are being inefficient. The GPS technology could also be used to locate customers, if customers are located in a regular home addresses. This will provide more flexibility to the entire delivery system. It is clear that GPS technology, both passive and active, is a good thing for any transportation business. You will be able to save maintenance, employee and fuel costs; because the whole fleet is properly monitored. By investing on the proper GPS technology, you will be able to increase the bottom line of the company.