Restaurant Business in UAE: TOP 7 Successful Food Projects

UAE is popular touristic region. The cities of Emirates boast with exciting bars, restaurants, night clubs. If you live here, you should not cook on your own. You are offered to hire a car in Abu Dhabi and enjoy the variety of dishes in the local restaurants. What food do you prefer, meat or seafood? Of course, there is no big problem to find the restaurant according to your food preferences.

Restaurant Business in UAE

Crowds of tourists come to visit UAE every year. Some of them look for the traditional national dishes to understand local traditions and culture to the full. Others prefer eating their favorite food. The third part of tourists never thinks of what they eat, visiting fast food restaurants or all inclusive service in the hotel. The foreign investors realize all benefits they can get from the restaurant business. So, you can see more and more eating establishments in the Emirates cities.

You can find restaurant for all tastes and budgets: high cuisine establishments with small but lux portions and high prices and democratic fast foods with popular hamburgers, French fries or traditional restaurants with European and International dishes. Never forget to try exotic cuisine like Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and other restaurants. As you can see, the restaurant business in UAE is successful. There is always place to eat and spend your money.

Restaurant Car of Indian Luxury Train

Restaurant Rules to Remember

Remember that you cannot buy alcohol in UAE for free sale. So, if you want to have aromatic wine or cocktail for dinner, you should find restaurant that has a license to sell alcohol drinks. As a rule, hotel restaurants and high class restaurants all over the city are legal to trade alcohol. The fast food restaurants boast with substantial food but no alcohol. One more thing, if you like alcohol anytime of the day, you can buy it up to 4 in the evening.

Restaurant business is one of many sectors that pay taxes. Be ready to overpay 10% more if you dined in the restaurant with alcohol. If the restaurant has no license, you should not overpay. Consider this fact and do not be surprise after dinner!

It is time to speak about tips. You pay tips in the restaurant if you want. Of course, the restaurant service is always good, with tips or with no tips. Paying tips does not mean that you will buy special attention. Thus, if you dined in alcohol restaurant, you will overpay 10% more. So, if you were not impressed, you may pay no tips. If the dishes were taste and personnel – attentive and polite, you can say TY with the help of tips (10-20%).

If you are going to dinner in the restaurant, you should think of dress-code. Ladies do not wear naked dresses and gentlemen do not wear sport suits, shorts, T-shirts. The charming dress and elegant suit is ok for this evening. This is the perfect dress for restaurants to feel comfortable.

The prices in the restaurants of UAE are different. You can spend for 20-25 $ to dine in the fast food restaurants for two. The prices in the lux restaurant can be hundreds of dollars, especially if you are going to take alcohol drinks.

Indian Food

TOP Successful Restaurants in UAE

As you can see, it is really difficult to define TOP best of the best restaurants. All of them are good! The opinions of experts and tourists differ. Some of them like visiting lux restaurants and others like exotic cuisine. So, the list you read includes different restaurants of different level that are considered to be the most successful business projects.

La Petite Maison

This is one of the most popular restaurants that offer interesting dishes of French-Mediterranean cuisine. If you like fish and seafood, you welcome! The dinner is Godly tasty here and you want to come back again and again.

Le Classique

Meet French restaurant in the center of Dubai. This is one of the oldest in the city as it is more than 20 years old. The restaurant is perfect for romantic dinner or friendly dining in the cozy atmosphere. It is surprising, but the prices are democratic, in spite of tasty food and elegant interior.


The lux restaurant welcomes everyone but it is not easy to book a table here. Of course, the prices are mostly high, including 10% tax for alcohol. The restaurant is the most popular eating place in the city. There is a dress code because wrong-dressed clients are not allowed to come even if you booked the table week before. Enjoy cocktails, tasty food and friendly environment.

La Petite Maison


The restaurant is situated in the center of Dubai to have the name of prominent philosopher. The menu includes traditional food from different cuisines: Japan, China, Africa, India. Visiting this place you can enjoy tasty exotic dishes and amazing city view from the restaurant terrace.


This is one more high class restaurant that is situated in one of the best city hotels – Atlantis. If you like fish and seafood, you will be impressed of the chef’s mastery. Never forget about the dress-code. The high class restaurants demands to wear evening dress and elegant suit. Do you understand that the prices for food and drinks are not cheap?

Antique Bazaar

If you like Indian cuisine, you should come to Antique Bazaar! The place is amazing and colorful. The prices are rather democrat. The restaurant boasts with exotic food and interesting interior: all tables are different. It is said that each of these tables belongs to the Maharaja’s palace.

A Winehouse in Cunda Island

Century Village

Look at the name of this restaurant. This is a green and fresh restaurant project. There are few restaurants located around the big fountain. The restaurants belong to Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Arabian cuisine. You can have dinner in every restaurant one by one. This is a good chance to define which of them you like the most. There is no better place to dine in a hot summer day! Century Village is popular place for tourists.