7 Essential Tips About iPhone 7- Facts You Should Know

Mobile phone technology is increasingly becoming the center of many business entities. With mobile phones being the most purchased of all technological devices, making sure that they meet the customer’s needs is a responsibility of the company. Google and Samsung are not making it easy with their releases now and then, but Apple has decided to plunge into their middle with their iPhone 7. The smartphone takes up the stage, and the others come after due to its marvelous features that endear it to the public. These essential factors include:

1. Water Resistance

This is a unique characteristic or feature about smartphones. Many are the times that we feel embarrassed because your phone fell into the sink, or in the bathroom or water was splashed on it, and it becomes defective as a result. Apple’s iPhone 7 eliminates such embarrassing and increasingly annoying situations by making their phones water resistant. Furthermore, it ensures that your iPhone privacy is ensured as no one will go poking into your phone if it is not damaged. The iPhone 7 can plunge or be immersed in a swimming pool, and it won’t be damaged in any way. This is thanks to the absence of headphone jack and the chassis on the phone that is water resistant.

2. Airports

The absence of the headphones jack port doesn’t mean that you have to watch or listen to your videos out loud disturbing other in your vicinity, Apple has made adequate provisions for it. Apple has introduced wireless airports that allow you to connect via Bluetooth or the lightning port. Losing the headphone jacks is quite a bold move, but the introduction of the airports as a replacement is much more interesting and exciting for the users. If you still prefer the previous headphones to the airports for your iPhone 7, do not give up or simply fail to the purchase the smartphone. All you need is an adapter that will connect you to the smartphone. Luckily, for you, Apple is packing one of those adapters with the iPhone & package unit.

3. Design

The iPhone 7 comes in a sleeker and slimmer designed. The colors are quite extensive ranging from gold to their silver color, which has become a trademark matte, and it has now introduced jet black. This new color presents an elegance, but it is prone to scratches and other unsuitable elements. If purchasing a black iPhone 7, piece of advice is to ensure you put it in a clear casing if showing it off.

4. Battery

The iPhone 7 battery is said to more durable in comparison with other previously released iPhones. This is credited to the A10 Fusion Chip and its efficient operations or functionalities. Efficiency dictates effectiveness and a better experience in using a smartphone including longer battery life than expected.

5. Storage

The smartphones have become a revolving world for many users. It is where people store their memories regarding photos, images, music and videos including personal contacts. This directly translates to the need for more and more space with each passing day and iPhone is making this possible. Its storage capacity is quite dynamic and ranges from 32GB all the way to 256GB of storage space. This means that you have all the storage space in the world on your mobile and you can use it for anything including work purposes.

6. Camera

The effectiveness of a camera today is being measured by its ability to take clear, detailed and quality pictures in dim light or the dark. iPhone 7 is now the leading smartphone in that area with its optical image stabilization system or the OIS. The phone has a new capability that allows you to take pictures fast, and jerky movements are prevented, and the phone takes a quality picture even in dim lights. The iPhone 7 is picture friendly whether you are a photographer by profession or an amateur, the pictures taken are of a quality nature.

7. iOS

iPhone 7 operates on iOS 10, which was released at the same time as the smartphone. Upon assessment, it is clear that the iPhone will soon have a mind of its own. This is because of its ability to switch one and off when moved by the user. This ability can, however, be turned off if it’s not suitable or if it is irritating to the user.


iPhone 7 is the best amongst the smartphones available in today’s market. It is therefore to your benefit if you tap into the market and acquire it for your use. Enjoy the vast new features and use it for all your desired purposes. Do not be left behind, get your iPhone 7 now!