Twin Trike- An Innovative Gift For Two Kids Of Almost Same Age

Often parents get a bicycle for one kid which makes their other child envy! But, now you can bring a gift for both your kids at highly cost effective rates. The twin trike is just the perfect idea to present your twins or kids of somewhat similar age group as a vibrant and exciting gift. It is reliable, unique, secure and beautiful. See your kids riding this exciting trike and you’ll surely get content as a parent.

Compacted with safety buckles and guardrail, the trike has been designed keep safety of the kids as top notch priority. The inflatable tires are effective to handle back shocks. The front seat has a rotating option which means that the kids and interact while pedaling. It has been decked with three pairs of folding foot pedals for kids to pedal whether they are seated back or front. Your kids are secure even from poor weather conditions. The shade serves as a perfect guard for sun and rain. Designed with materials which are non-toxic, secure and non-smelling, the twin trike is a great option for your kids. It also features a rear carrying basket to carry stuff.

Twin Trike- An Innovative Gift For Two Kids Of Almost Same Age

The trike is perfect for kids from 6 months to 48 months. It can bear the maximum load of 70kgs. Released in black, it is great looking bikes for your kids to enjoy strolling casually during your evening walk or while you are out for shopping. Whether it is the birthday of your twins or they have scored great grades in their exams, this trike is a must have for kids who love cycling. It will not just develop a habit of cycling and exercising but also make them independent, free and plus there wouldn’t be any fights of who will be riding the bicycle first. It will strengthen their legs and boost their health.

So, gift your children with something as unique and exciting as twin trike and they will surely appreciate it for years to come. It is a durable product and surely worth every penny you spend on it. Go for this amazing deal and buy it now. All you have to do is pay for the product and wait for the order to come to your doorways soon. Designed with top quality products, your kids will fall in love with at first sight. Place your order now! It will be one of the most exciting surprises for your children.

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