How To Eat Well When On A Business Trip?

In today’s business world, participation in trade exhibitions and business conventions are a «must» for company’s administrators. So it is more than likely that you might be sent away on a business trip one of these days. One of the most difficult things when working away from home is to keep good eating habits. In this article, we will give you tips to help you overcome that particular difficulty.

As always on a plane or at the hotel, there is no denying that it is particularly difficult to eat healthy food during your business travels. Whether you are travelling to attend an event that will boost your business or to attend an exhibition you will always eat away.

Furthermore, if you go to the restaurant with coworkers or potential partners there is no way to decline the “today’s special”, the region special and the red wine bottle. It would be seen as a total disrespect.

But no more stress, here are a couple tips on eating properly on a business trip.

Every Trip Starts with a Plane or a Train

Your first solution against unhealthy airline menus is to bring what food you can from home. Of course, the airline security rules don’t allow you to bring liquids and prepared dishes but they don’t prohibit solid snacks like bananas, apples, carrots or energy bars.

Once you’ve been through the security controls, you can bring anything you buy onto your flight. It is your last chance to stock up on bottled water and buy a salad or sandwich to eat on the plane. Above all, we advise you to avoid fried stuff.

What Kind of Food Should You Chose at the Hotel

Firstly, prefer an apartment to a classic hotel room with no kitchen. With the impressive growth of airbnb, a lot of workers prefer to stay in an apartment in order to enjoy a kitchen.

I believe that if you are free to choose you must consider this solution than a classic hotel room where you would have to buy take-away food or to go only to restaurants.

Secondly, pick an accommodation that is near to a grocery store with healthy foods. An organic convenience store next to your hotel is a very interesting solution. If you are attending a business exhibition, the solution is to try the organic food trucks that you could find next to the exposition.

Thirdly, your lunch is much more essential than your dinner. During a professional travel try to eat a lot at noon in order to eat less at night.

Going to the Restaurants, how to Keep Things Healthy

Going to the restaurant with potential partners or only professional relations is obviously very crucial for everybody. It is a simple and pleasant way to network and make your mark. If you have no other alternative, the solution is only to ask for a salad or a vegetable and fruit meal.  You should also avoid alcohol because it is full of calories.

Invite your coworkers, the exhibition visitors or your business relations to your apartment and prepare your own dish.

Pay Attention on what you Eat in Developing Countries

When you are travelling to a developing country, you have to be aware of what’s in your plate.

We previously mentioned salads, vegetables or fruits are an excellent healthy solution when you’re travelling, but if you’re in a developing country you’ll most likely want to skip fresh fruits and vegetables. Indeed, the risk of food poisoning is dramatically increased in these regions.

Instead, try to find dishes that feature cooked vegetables, and make sure they’re served piping hot. Likewise, even if water remains your healthiest beverage solution, you’ll want to check that your water supply is totally harmless.

Finally, all the solutions we gave in this article are greatly based on your own will. Take care of your health by eating well-balanced dishes, even when you’re travelling and don’t forget to do some physical activities even when travelling.