What To Do If You Are In An Uber Accident

What To Do If You Are In An Uber Accident

With Uber’s recent swelling  popularity, it’s become apparent that there are many issues that have yet to be addressed from a legal standpoint. When you pay for a taxicab service to take you somewhere, you are covered by their all-encompassing commercial insurance policies, which are legally enforced and meant to protect both their employees and customers from any and all possible issues.

Uber, however, is a rideshare service, and is not subject to the same laws as taxi companies. So, what does this mean for an Uber customer who happens to get in an accident?

First off, it’s important to note that Uber drivers are covered by Uber’s insurance policy and often carry their own rideshare insurance, so you’re not completely in trouble. Their insurance is comprehensive, though not nearly as much so as that of commercial transportation services. Also, if you are in an Uber accident (as either an Uber driver or passenger) that is another driver’s fault, you might be subject to whatever insurance that driver carries.

What To Do If You Are In An Uber Accident

If your Uber driver happens to get in a wreck while you are using their service, there are several steps you need to follow to protect yourself from any future trouble.

  • First, make sure everyone involved is okay, and call 911 if needed. Once everyone’s safety has been assessed, collect the names, contact, and insurance information of your driver and any other drivers involved, and also the names and contacts for any bystanders who witnessed the accident.
  • If at all possible, take photos and/or video of the damage and the crash scene. These will definitely come in handy later on, whether or not it goes to court.
  • While it’s not necessary to call 911 if there are no serious injuries, you do want to make sure that a police officer comes and makes a report of the accident. Generally, one will be called to the scene quickly, but you can always call your county’s non-emergency dispatch number and request that an officer be sent to the scene of the accident. A police report of the incident is important for insurance purposes, especially if there is property damage or the possibility of a personal injury case involved.
  • If you feel like you might have even a slight injury, it’s highly recommended that you seek medical attention. Sometimes small pains that don’t seem significant at the time can turn into severe injuries later on, so it never hurts to have a doctor asses you post-accident just to be safe.
  • If you don’t feel like your Uber driver is handling the situation properly, you’ll want to contact Uber and a lawyer that specializes in Uber accidents immediately. A lawyer will come in handy if the insurance company is trying to give you the short end of the stick, as well.

Hopefully you won’t need a lawyer, but if you do, following all of these steps in the event of an Uber accident will help make sure you get the care and compensation you deserve. When it comes to car accidents, even if you’re the passenger in a rideshare service, you can never be too careful. Taking preventative measures from the beginning will keep you safe in the long run.

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