7 Steps To Analyze The Talent

It is important to know how it contributes and what the company gives each worker to determine the influence this contribution in achieving the financial goals of the company. We must understand that it is important to know the measurement of the relationship between individual productivity and organizational performance.

When we defined the measurements that we know will arise as we doubt How good are the HR professionals measuring human capital? It is likely to hear about the cost of hire, time to fill jobs and turnover rate. While it is important to know this, these HR functions do not necessarily have strategic importance, in other words, not add new value.

The first thing to ask any executive, manager or director responsible for development and implementation of the strategy of your organization, is: How to generate added value our employees in our organization?

How many companies in recent years have reduced recruitment costs and reduced their turnover rates below the industry average, but without profit? Staying within budget is efficient but not always mean it is effective.

7 Steps To Analyze The Talent

Although not an easy task, many professionals in the field of Human Resources are trying to think of as “business people.” But these people are the pioneers, which means that there is no well-defined maps to follow. As a result of our experience with different types of organizations in identifying the core competencies of employees great success, we have begun to identify the critical linkages between individual personality traits, values and skills and maximize performance.

Here are all the steps to establish profiles most talented workers in line with business needs.

  1. Clearly identify the vision, mission and values of your company.
  2. Define the strategy to achieve the objectives and how to obtain them according to the values of the company.
  3. Identify how each person from the worker assembly line to the CEO within your organization contributes to the implementation of the strategy.
  4. What points/performance targets need to have workers to ensure that the organization meets its objectives?
  5. Establish the basis of a set of basic skills that workers need to demonstrate both the ability, aptitude and commitment.
  6. Create a good performance profile to align the specific personality traits, values and skills and then compare them with key performance indicators for each worker.
  7. Define a structure, selection process that combines behavioral techniques in the interview, background checks and references, and definition of psychometric tests that accurately predict the ability, skill and motivation of an individual to perform work.
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