Hired Mobile Application Builder Through Bidding Sites And Don’t Know How To Go About It? Read This:

Sarah planned to build a mobile app for her ecommerce store as she wanted to boost her business sales during Christmas. She looked for mobile application builder in the local directory and contacted a few agencies. She was surprised to know that there were several companies offering such services and some of them were located at a walking distance from her place. She tried to get the best price by contacting several companies in her town. At the end of the day, she was confused as to which developer she should hire as she got quotes starting from the range $ 200 to $ 45000.

Do you want to build your first mobile app? Are you looking for someone who can build your mobile application to engage the users? Well, there are many mobile application builders who can help you make your dreams come true.

Mobile Application Development

Here’s what you can do to search for the right mobile app builder:

  1. Post the job on bidding portals:

If you are building a mobile app for the first time, you can choose to post the requirements on bidding portals as that’s the easiest way to pick the developers. It is a safe option as there are lesser chances of developers cheating the clients because the payment is reserved by most of the reputed bidding portals. Don’t be shocked to receive bids of all the price ranges as there can be freelance developers as well as freelancers bidding on your project requirements. Check the experience and ranking of the mobile application builder before making the decision of hiring one. Discuss the specs with the developer before hiring the professional to avoid complications later on. Make sure that he/she understands what exactly you need.

  1. So, you’ve chosen a developer. What next?

The first step of mobile application development would be design mockups. Ask the hired developer to prepare the mock ups of the app. Almost all the bidding portals have an internal messaging system where the clients and developers can communicate with each other and exchange their ideas.

  1. The mock up is ready. What to do next?

Uhh. Mock up design is just the stepping stone of your project. You should stay connected with the developer throughout the development phase so that you can keep an eye on what’s going on with your project. Make sure that you contact him/her on a regular basis and get updates about your project.

  1. The app is ready. Check if it is debugged:

Once your app is developed by a mobile application builder, you should ensure that the developers make it bug free as a buggy app can be rejected by the App Store. You can check your app and see how it works before submission.

You’re just one step away from getting great success through your app. As soon as the app is submitted to the App Store, you can have users download it. Wait! This doesn’t mean that you can sit back and wait for the profits. Keep an eye on how the users feel as some of them may provide rating or feedback. Pay special attention to the reviews and suggestions and try to make the changes accordingly to offer a great user experience.

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