Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra: Monster In Both Size And Specs

Smartphone buffs these days either crave for an iPhone 6s or a Galaxy S7. These two beauties are so meticulous that nothing looks better or even a little similar to them. They have enormous demand across global markets, and are literally slaying it with superb performance and stunning looks.

But in an alternate reality, not all of us can afford the likes of flagships from Apple and Samsung. We may love them, follow them, but in the end, we’ll find ourselves settling for something dull or weak. Sometimes even worse!

However, the ZenFones always keep our hopes alive. These players might not matchup with flagships, but the value for money they have on offer is just splendid. It is such precision from Asus that these phones bring the best of everything- design, performance, battery life, and all other things of interest that you can think of.

Now, the company has unleashed in the third generation of ZenFones, promising a revamped smartphone experience with major bump-ups inside out. The three smartphones introduced have a lot on offer, but we’ll first take a quick look on the new and humongous phablet, the ZenFone 3 Ultra!

Design and Build Quality

Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra is an absolute masterpiece. The device features a massive 6.8-inch display and appears to be a tablet in disguise. It flaunts a sturdy all-metal unibody with 0.18mm diamond cut finish and reflects a new pinnacle of design, integrating invisible antennas for the first time in history. Asus has crafted a gapless beauty which not only looks good but also fits nicely in one hand. There are no compromises on signal strength and the experience is just spectacular!

However, if you’ve been using a standard 5-incher phone, you may find some problems in using ZenFone 3 Ultra. It’s a tad bigger than expected, but once you’re used to it, handling wouldn’t be an issue.

Display and Visual Experience

As we’ve already mentioned, ZenFone 3 Ultra incorporates a brilliantly crafted 6.8-inch full-HD IPS display. The screen brings a major increase in size, but delivers immersive and lifelike output in all conditions. It gives a new touch to mobile entertainment, and produces punchy and vivid details even under broad daylight.

Alongside improved hardware, ASUS’ Tru2Life+ technology also makes a major addition. It brings the best of movies, games and videos by optimizing every pixel to create smooth, blur free content with incredible contrast and sharpness. Its motion-estimation and motion-compensation (MEMC) algorithms add real world vibrancy into images and take the entire visual experience to a whole new level.

Hardware and Performance

Asus, without compromising on performance, extends the speed revolution which once started with ZenFone 5. The new ZenFone 3 Ultra packs Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 652 mid-ranged octa-core chipset and delivers seamless performance out-of-the box. It makes an incredible package for gamers and performance lovers, and holds exceptional power to keep things up and running, even when you’re busy surfing on the web or playing your video songs for long hours.

The monstrous 64-bit chip runs at 1.8GHz and pairs up with 4GB of RAM to make the impossible possible. It tackles multi-tasking efficiently and creates an ideal ecosystem for work and play- with no more delays in booting or triggering an app!

Spectacular at Photography

Following the success of ZenFone Zoom, Asus has introduced major upgrades in the camera of ZenFone 3 Ultra. This time, company’s flagship PixelMaster 3.0 technology comes bundled with a 23-megapixel shooter at the back, 92MP super resolution, subject-tracking TriTech autofocus, and an aperture as wide as f/2.0. It uses electronic and optical image stabilization to reduce noise from the images and delivers blur-free shots in all environments. Even if you’re new into photography, this camera will keep you interested with its precise autofocus, Deep Trench Isolation technology, and 4x Super Resolution.

Efficiently Optimized OS

Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra runs Android 6.0 with upgraded ZenUI 3.0. The interface of the device brings a plethora of Marshmallow specific features, but is still far away from what vanilla Android has on offer. It includes a bunch of tweaks and front-end improvements such as, real-time animations, improved app navigation, Game Genie, and new widgets for the home-screen. The idea was to upgrade monotonous smartphone experience to intuitive and Asus has delivered perfectly on it. Though stock Android is still our favourite, this one will be the next best on our listing!

Battery Life

ZenFone 3 Ultra gives the power to play for as long as you desire. This handset comes with a high-capacity 4600 mAh battery to handle routine and unexpected tasks with a dash of perfection. It touted give 12 hours of continuous video playback and 35 hours of 3G talk time. This is more than enough for standard usage with a bit of social networking, gaming, and multi-tasking and heavy usage a lot of everything.

In addition, it is also worthy to note that Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra also packs Quick Charge 3.0 Tech to save you from the trouble of running back towards your charger. It can charge from zero to sixty percent in just 45 minutes!

Like all other ZenFones, the Ultra Edition also makes a great impression with required things of interest. From design and build to performance and battery life, this meticulously crafted beauty can tackle all your needs without a single snag or hiccup. It’s a brilliant piece of construction from Asus and no other smartphone from the phablet category can stand against those killer looks.

In addition, you can even customize ZenFone 3 Ultra by choosing from a slew of custom-made accessories in the market. Even Asus has its own premium-crafted cover on to comprehend the stunning design of this handset.

In a nutshell, of you’re a big screen lover or a movie-buff, this phone is definitely the one for you. It has got everything that makes a perfect phablet.

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