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Google has made it very clear that users should always be the centre of attention when it comes to website development, and that has prompted much debate over what is more important – User Experience (UX) or SEO.

The simple answer is that one is as important as the other, and both can be used together for positive results.

Whereas UX concentrates on users, their preferences and industry trends, SEO focuses on the website and its content, to boost visibility. Clearly, by combining the two, you’ll achieve a result that keeps both user and website owner happy.

Any website builder on the Sunshine Coast worth his or her salt would certainly advise this, as there are many benefits to be had.

Quality Content Is The Key

And it really isn’t that hard! Google wants the user to have a useful and entertaining experience – hence the push towards quality content and the use of in-depth articles – but written correctly, that content can still meet your SEO needs.

I see it as a very positive move, as its reducing the amount of badly written, over-promotional, keyword-stuffed copy we used to see.

So, we’re agreed that both UX and SEO should focus on the user. What’s the best way of doing that?

If you are about to hire web page designers on the Sunshine Coast, why not put exactly that question to them? You’ll soon discover whether they are right team for you.

Importance of the Human Element

A good website builder on the Sunshine Coast will emphasise the importance of the human element in web design. In providing useful, entertaining, relevant content, that meets the user’s needs, you’re going a long way towards promoting your site and your products.

You want your content to be engaging. In other words, you not only want to attract users to your site, but you then want to keep them there AND encourage them to share your content. That’s a double whammy!

In fact, the greatest positive impact users can have on SEO is through the organic sharing and distribution they create.
Clearly the old method of publishing content that was laden with keywords, but awkward to read, won’t work. Your content needs to read as well as any newspaper or magazine article.

Quality and Readability

Contrary to what some people think, this is actually more beneficial when it comes to SEO, as Google will rate your site on quality and readability.

Earlier I mentioned in-depth articles. This feature is Google’s way of encouraging clear, relevant, informative content, that fully explores a topic. Do it right and your brand can become an authority brand.

There are many web solutions on the Sunshine Coast designed to increase traffic to your site and increasingly, you will find quality content listed as one of the best. It is an excellent way of increasing your site’s ranking on SERPs.

But clearly, the way in which that content is presented is equally important. Users are a skittish bunch and will take flight at the first sign of inconvenience or hard work! If the content is slow to load, or requires too many clicks to reach it, they will go elsewhere.

That said, however, you still want your site to look amazing, and feature every possible technological gizmo, don’t you?

Keep It Simple

If your website builder on the Sunshine Coast suggests something clean and simple, heed that advice. In order to be visually appealing, a site doesn’t need to be over the top or cluttered. In fact, the simpler the better.

Use carefully chosen and well placed elements to draw the user in and entertain them. And remember, visual content can also be optimised for SEO purposes.

You need the right balance between text and imagery, and while you want to achieve the ‘wow’ effect with your images, you don’t want them so big that they take forever to load.

And please ensure the design and development is mobile-friendly.

Google haven’t said much about how UX affects SEO, but their actions make it clear. For example, we know that both the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates measure site and page quality.

Google’s Intentions

We’ve also seen how pages with little content rank poorly and, if the site is full of such pages, it, too, will receive a lower ranking.

We know that Google notes the amount of time a user stays on a site, or if they leave the site immediately and return to their search. This very obviously suggests they are checking user experience, so the less back button clicks the better.

I believe this increased focus on UX was to be expected. Users increasingly want the truth, in whatever medium they use. They dislike what they perceive to be SEO tricks, designed to lure them in and make them spend money.

They are seeking knowledge and information, and Google is adapting to meet these demands.

BIO: Simon Jones catches up on the latest innovations in web solutions on the Sunshine Coast, and discusses UX vs SEO.

SUMMARY: If you’re planning to hire web page designers on the Sunshine Coast, ask for their take on UX and SEO.

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