App Economy Raises Mobile Advertising

On February 28, 2014, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the mobile industry’s premier global conference, many innovations were broached and conferenced for mobile merging, analytic capabilities now available and strengthening mobile advertising campaigns.

With innovated analytics, marketers now can access more tools to effectively measure and optimize returns of all advertising campaigns, especially the installs and user revenue generated by each campaign, in their centralized dashboard. Combined with abilities to drive industry leading revenue, this innovative platform initiates and demonstrates the most useful resource available to Android developers globally.

App Economy Raises Mobile Advertising

The newer mobile apps become first to give bug tracking, monetization and in-app analytics all within a single Android SDK and the dashboard. This offers developers and marketers needed insight for powering apps without cost, and these capabilities help developers create more capable and more powerful apps. Mobile advertising analytics should be best in class. All businesses should be provided free access to key insights powering their apps success. Our alliances can enable us to serve the Android community even better than in the past, and we look forward to growing the advertiser base.

Advanced features include: funnel,audience segmentation,cohort analysis and engagement.User acquisition analytics give marketers tools to easily optimize all acquisition campaigns into one dashboard, centralized for their apps. All marketers using our analytics can optimize campaigns not just for downloads, but for the revenue generated from each campaign.

About Mobile Advertising

The industry of mobility is on a mission of redefining mobile advertising for advertising companies. Mobility delivers the industry’s highest performance and is driven by exceptional ad formats and targeting technology that is available and accessible now. Mobility advertising analytics help mobile app developers and marketers control a full user lifecycle by acquiring, first, the right kind of engaged user, second, analyzing the engagement of them through free analytics, and finally, remarketing to former high value users to achieve higher monetization. The mobile industry is helping a myriad of developers manage the increasing an engaged audience on mobile apps.

The world itself is the billboard for mobile advertising. Apps can boost the effectiveness of mobility to whichever market area they have the most engaged users, and keep all of their technology and app reports in one place. This cuts the time and expense of monitoring the success rate of the advertising to a miniscule outlay.

The world’s most powerful and successful companies are already utilizing mobility advertising analytics. The most promising companies are rushing to become part of this solution to their mobile advertising programs.

Olaf Stinger, Ph.D., has been an authoritative technical writer and resource specialist for the advertising field for two decades. He aims to acquaint readers of the key aspects of a mobile ad network for digital advertising purpose.