3 Key Metrics To Evaluate Your Developers’ Performance

For plenty of start-ups, technical hires serve as the backbone of their business. They have a pivotal role to play. But if you aren’t sound enough in technical things or lack in-depth knowledge, measuring the success of your technical team becomes a task as it is just not simple as delivering a product? So, how would you be able to evaluate their performance?

Panicking is not a solution! There are certain factors that can help with such evaluation. Listing down some of the metrics from the list:

1) Cross-Team Deadlines

You have to make rapid moves for your start-up. If you are unable to meet deadlines, you won’t be able to maintain a good momentum, which can make your company dead. The people (technical team) working on the development of product themselves need to be consistent when it comes to meeting the deadlines because your business growth rests upon it.

Let’s understand it through an example – consider a scenario where your marketing team is putting its hard efforts to communicate product and its value in the respective market but the development of the product is not executed well. It implies that the promises you made haven’t met, leaving an extremely bad impression about your brand. Therefore, there is a need for synchronisation between marketing and development processes so to savour desired results.

2) Availability and Accomplishment

Designing a product is something can’t be executed single-handedly. It is a team effort, so there are two prominent metrics to look for i.e. Availability and Accomplishment. To strive for the modern day competitive environment, it is very important to be available 24*7 to offer flawless support.

Whereas accomplishments can be tracked with the help of tools like JIRA, Github, Pivotal etc. depending upon the number of issues that have been addressed and the complexities involved in each issue. The key lies in the execution metric that’s not dependent on broader metrics of the product.

It’s imperative to have a team that steps ahead at a good speed with different features without extending the deadlines. Kudos, if you have such a team!

3) Internal Ratings Matter

When you work on a consumer brand, the use of technology should be more artistic than scientific. Here, conversion rates can be considered as great metric but they never narrate the story of efforts that a tech member puts in. What if the product is built perfectly, but its design comprises flaws?

The best solution is to let the team judge the developer’s work. Whether your team members will promote such a product to their friends? You will get an average score for your team that will help you to figure out the speed, accountability and quality of the tech person(s) who build the product.

Above stated metrics will help you determine the credibility of your technical team even if you are not sound enough with the most critical things. We will come back with more evaluating metrics so that you can have an exact measure of your tech team’s workability.

Author Bio: Macy Jones is employed as app developer at App Xperts – a leading mobile app development company based in Sydney and Melbourne. Her passion for digging deeper into every aspect of development hones her up in her niche. She loves informative blogging as well.