How to Create Mini Websites?

Making mini website should be quite easy to do. A mini website is useful when we want to cover a short topic. We many need a couple hours of quality work time, Photoshop and CMS. To get started, it is a good idea to use CMS to create a website, instead of using mini site templates. CMS allows us to choose between thousands of themes and templates. By changing the header and footer graphics, as well as other minor components, we could get reasonably unique websites. Large text in templates can be changes based on our requirements. It is better to find a header that works well with our topic and we may need to use Photoshop to do that.

It is commonly argued that using themes will make our website looks less unique. In reality, there are thousands of CMS templates out there and if we choose a good-looking, but rather obscure template, it is unlikely that anyone will notice. Although CMS templates already include dozens of images and placeholder graphics, we will need Photoshop to create our own unique images. We could create a logo with it or touch up photographs. Once we have created our images, we could integrate them with the CMS and our design work is largely finished. We would only need to add content and the mini website can be launched.

The footer is usually consisted of quick links to important parts of our website. We could change the text or the URLs depending on our requirements. For footer and the rest of the website, we should choose good-looking fonts and reasonable sizes. When it is finished, the footer can be read quite easily and people will be able to go to different sections quite easily. With Photoshop, we should be able to easily find a balance between good visuals and smaller file sizes. There will be some final touches on graphics that we need to do. It is a good idea to use strong headlines in our mini website.

Readers should be able to easily scan the website if we choose proper fonts. The headline should be strong and the text should be quite bold. We may need to underline a few important words, but we shouldn’t do this too often. Some text could also be highlighted in different colors to attract attention. With CMS, it is no longer necessary to use visual development tools, like Frontpage.

Before launching our website, we should make sure that we don’t miss anything. The website should look good and we usually use FTP programs to transfer our files to the web server storage. The hosting storage usually supports zipped files, so we could extract the zipped file that we upload in the destination server. This will save time, because we don’t need to individually upload dozens or even hundreds of files. With CMS, it should be very easy to create mini websites and with each of our idea, we should be able to create one separate mini website.

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