How to Balance Between Text and Pictures?

It is obvious that words are more effective selling products and services than pictures. Many people lean to using more text, while others could prefer using pictures. However, many people may not be aware that they should design a website based on the preferences of their readers. People may have long-standing dreams about their idea of perfect website. Our aim should be to make sales and provide good designs for the customers. People often want to get good details quickly and this is the reason why we should engage readers primarily through text. Often, we have only a few seconds to appeal people. It can be quite challenging to capture the attention of buyers and turn them into real customers. One thing that we should consider whether we need to add lost of text or lots of pictures.

It is found that people tend to scan a page in a roughly F-shaped pattern. They may start from the upper left hand corner, because it may get the most focus. The top of the page will be scanned first, followed by the left hand side and then readers will scan out to the right side of the page. This is essential because most people check the headline and then the sub-headline before reading the rest of the page. Both small and large companies do the same thing: They try to sell products and services to consumers. So, it is important to consider that people tend to read about products before they begin to purchase again. Taglines that we add to our website should be catchy and can attach one the mind of the individual.

Regardless of how we prioritize our website, content we use should allow us to perform specific specializations. Text and pictures can help us to make our products look special and different than the competition. People would know who we are and what kind of information needed to make a proper purchasing decision. We shouldn’t use banner exchanges, fancy animation and thumbnail images that cause our website to be full with various visual distractions. We should provide solid information for our customer. If our statistics show that people don’t stay long enough in our website, then we have a problem.

When considering using text and picture, we should try to balance things. When setting up our front page, words could really play a significant role. It should be quite easy to de-clutter our website and add some essential product information. We could start making sketches about the proper appearance of our overall layout. We could play around by moving pictures around a website and add some text lines. The design that use should be transferred exactly into our page coding. In this case, we should have a good idea of what we are going for. When adding text and images, we may need to leave some white space and this will provide some relief to our eyes. Our website should have best pictures and there should be some beautiful visuals that we could add.

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