Why Simplicity is Essential for Our Website?

We should be aware that simplicity should be found in the heart of our web design. Things in our website should be plain and simple; while being functional and visually appealing. There’s no fuss and no facelifts. Simplicity should infuse deep in the website. In this case, web design and web development shouldn’t be considered as mediums to show off our technical and graphical prowess. In this case, our superb development and design acumen should be represented in functional simplicity; instead of functional complexity. The website should be dominated by usability and friendliness. This should make sure that we are in the right track.

If we want to create a highly simple website, we need to understand our target audience and formulate a mission statement. We should provide some form of stability, so our website is able to spring forward. There could be explicit goals that we need to grab and we should be pretty clear about them. If we know about the purpose and the audience of our website; it is likely that we can create simple elements to achieve related goals. We will deliver only concrete and clear information to our customers. In this case, our website is able to deliver steady and consistent messages to customers.

It is important that we ponder well on our navigation and layout. Neat navigation and clean layout could provide good composition between white spaces and the actual content. This will enhance the appeal and look of our website. The audience will also be focused more on our content. They will see our website in a more appreciative way. By prioritizing on simplicity, the loading time can also be significantly reduces. We will be able to minimize server-side scripts and images. Old components, such as Flash and pop-ups, should be removed completely, because they represent legacy web technologies that must be abandoned entirely.

It is important for us to optimize script code and HTML. After removing unused scripts and unwanted tags, we should consider whether our current code is efficient enough. Server-side codes should make sure that all requests can be processed faster and deployed immediately to users’ web browser. It is important to take into consideration things related to screen resolution. The website should be easy to use and visitors must be encouraged to work with the content. With simplicity, layouts can be stretched more easily to fit any screen resolution, from the smallest cellphone to the largest Internet-capable widescreen TV.

Simple websites can be made rich in content and interactive more easily. We should choose functions and applications wisely; if we want to keep our website simple. Consistency can be incorporated all over our website and it should be crucial if we want to give the website a more professional feel and look. Easy navigation will be much easier to achieve. It is clear that the dividends of implementing simplicity in our website can’t be ignored. Simplicity can make our website user friendly, faster to load and more attractive.

Researcher and Content Writer at e-Syndicate Network. A constant learner. Learning and growing every day. Salman has over 5 years of experience in the fields of Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Brand and Business Development.