A Task For Your Living

Forget the Cyclone and Prepare for the Next Heat Wave

Have you ever noticed yourself being a problem solver in a professional manner? Are you a good listener? Most of us today have that quality in-built in us. It’s just a matter of time that we have to explore our abilities and find one out. Why not make a resume for a call centre job when you need some money urgently? There are many people who have entirely changed their field from being a developer to being a call person. It’s all because this job pays well and you get a chance to get in touch with new people. People who work in call centres jobs in Mumbai have a sharp mind and can easily notch the ones who are really need help or is a fraud.

A Task For Your Living

What a call centre job profile includes? It is almost like dealing with a lot of people in one day and helping them with their issues. Once they call you, you need to track the details of the client so that you get an access to information about the product or service they are using and their location as well. Once the details are tracked, you verify it with your client. Verification takes just a fraction of seconds. Once that is done, you are supposed to ask about the issue they are facing or the reason that forced the client to call at the customer care. Once the client is done mentioning about their service or product, the employee is supposed to provide them a solution. Depending upon the company, you get a job. For example, if it is an E-commerce company, you will be receiving calls from the customers, you have to send an e-mail to them, ask for a feedback etc. Feedback includes about the experience the client had talking to the employee. It’s not that the customers will come with just one type of issue. If they are using your product, there can be several issues.

The company will train you accordingly and so you need not worry about the same. Also you must be a good actor for having a conversation with the client. Apart from all this, making and receiving calls is only possible if you are well-versed with the software they use. The job lasts till the time you perform well. Your salary and your post increases on the basis of your performance. If you perform excellent, you can be promoted in just a span of few months. You should be adaptable to any sort of situation which comes across you. At times, if your colleague can’t handle the work, their work load is put up on you, to see how responsible are you and how well you are with tolerating stress. Every call centre has a limit of finishing calls per month and on the basis of the calls, the salary is provided.

Though it’s tough to handle such a job; it’s exciting to meet new people and getting to know who and what they are.