6 Office Supplies Your Business Shouldn’t Be Without

Cars can’t run without gas, and offices can’t run without supplies. It’s a simple fact of modern day business that your supplies and materials are what make your business stable. While a majority of it is slowly becoming entirely technological, there are still some material basics you need to ensure the employees don’t riot.

6 Office Supplies Your Business Shouldn't Be Without


Hands down the most necessary item in an office, you can feel tension growing as people begin to notice the reams dwindling. This classification also includes sticky notes, notepads, notebooks and computer paper. If you’re a retail store, add rolls and rolls of credit card paper roll to the list.

Desk Supplies

Pens, paperclips, scissors, trashcans, rubber bands, white out, and virtually everything else a typical desk needs are all there to make sure your employees aren’t bombarding one another with questions in regards to if they have a functioning pen. Make sure everyone has the necessities to get daily work done.


You can’t expect the office to stay organized if it doesn’t have the means by which to do so. Files need to be stored in filing cabinets. Every employee needs a desk and a computer for their own organizational needs. Apart from this, think of getting a few plants to keep the atmosphere lively as opposed to stale.

Organizational Materials

While still on the subject of organizing the office, this can’t very well happen without folders, staplers, binder clips, hanging folders and labels. Even dry erase boards and calendars serve as great mediums for keeping important due dates on everyone’s mind. Make sure you’ve also got stocks of extra equipment like pens, dry erase markers and paper roll for credit cards ready and stored away somewhere.

Mailing and Shipping

Many offices nowadays have their own postage machine that prints directly onto envelopes and prints out labels for items that need to be weighed. They also typically carry boxes and packages from either UPS or FedEx for in-office shipment. This practice saves both time and money for you and makes business run more smoothly.


Last but absolutely not least, there is the need for a lot of different kinds of tech. Desktops are rather obvious, but what about laptops so workers can work from home? What about a wireless router for wireless internet? Servers, phones and even televisions are all technological aspects of a business that keep it running smoothly.

Starting a business is hard enough without accounting for what it takes to outfit it properly. Luckily, a lot of the supplies you need are so integral to the makings of a business that it’s impossible to run one without them. Be it your first venture into corporate or your fifth, always be sure you have the supplies you need to make a difference.

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