How To Boost Warehouse Productivity

Logistic or shipping business gives a great opportunity to the people to income money in easy way. But maintaining the logistic business and to fill up or to get the targeted goal it is very challenging. At the same time to achieve your company business goal it is most important to empower the warehouse productivity goals like decreasing picking times and increasing throughput rate.

Integrating great technology like systems integrator W&H Systems makes international parcel delivery safe and secured from your courierpoint. Here are some mind-blowing tips to boost your warehouse productivity.

1. Use Automated Picking Operations

Dear shippers ever time you need to use automated picking operations such as Pick-to-voice or pick-to-light systems which increase the picking speed and decrease the possibility of errors by giving proper information on product current location and quantity. The Pick-to-voice or pick-to-light systems reduce the time to search the items.

How To Boost Warehouse Productivity

2. Involve Goods-to-person Technology

Always avoid giving unnecessary facility. Try to include goods-to-person technology which means the parcels should be picked to the workers’ station for which the customers will not have to travel entire the warehouse dragging items to fill orders.

3. Put into Operation a Warehouse Control System (WCS)

This improved technology mange the slow processes means it makes the performance of the warehouse management system faster. A Warehouse Control System can control all the crical situation occurs during Pick-to-voice or pick-to-light systems.

4. Use Tilt-tray Sorters

By using tilt-tray sorters you can reduce the use of more workers to travel in full phase to each location for delivering items that is close to packing boxes

5. Depend on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

This system enhances the operational accuracy and effectiveness by offering better visibility into crucial process points, allowing real-time record management and harmonization within the supply chain. For international delivery like parcel to Netherlands, France, Spain and other countries radio frequency identification is must required.

6. Keep Eye On Workers

Make use of data collection tools to check labours/workers for better result. When workers get to know that they are being checked by the authority, they typically improve their accuracy and pick/pack rates.

For great result, use advanced shipping notification (ASN), avoid touches by picking to a shipping carton, and keep quality and important products in good warehouse. To boost your warehouse productivity, follow the above instruction and always adopt new and suitable technology for your logistic business. The is one of the best examples to the shippers which give the perfect and excellent warehouse productivity.