LG G3: The Next Generation Phone

LG G3: The Next Generation Phone

Every year smartphone is becoming smarter as technology is advancing and a similar example is LG G3. The time G3 was launched it was surprising that a phone could pack 2K resolution display in just small size.

Operating characteristics of the phone LG G3 are at altitude. High or maximum brightness makes it comfortable to use your smartphone on the street on a sunny day. Low or minimum brightness – do not strain your eyes when reading in the dark. Excellent contrast and color performance, good viewing angles. And there is such a strong fading when viewed at an acute angle as the screen on LG G2 (although we do not understand why look at the screen at such angles). That is to say that from a purely consumer, a visual point of view, the screen, of course, become better. But there is a downside. Cons display setting with such a huge resolution available but not fully flexible.

The smartphone LG G3 runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801 MSM8975AC with integrated video accelerator Adreno 330 and comes with 16 GB of internal and 2GB of RAM. There is also a version of the smartphone with 32 GB of internal and 3 GB of RAM, which is officially available for purchase in all countries and already sold.

LG G3: The Next Generation Phone

In fact, the hardware platform of LG G3 compared to G2 remained unchanged since 801 Snapdragon, this is the same 800 chip, but slightly overclocked – from 2.3 GHz to 2.5 GHz. The same can be said about the graphics accelerator. On the contrary, G3 showed more thoughtful in banal rendering animation interface. Although synthetics tests shows a decrease in performance compared to the competition and last year’s flagship LG.

At the same time, the performance of the smartphone “is enough to meet all your needs.” This expression has become hackneyed phrase in describing the performance of today’s Android-smartphone. But the way it is. If you do not carry out the tests, you can never determine the differences in their performance “by practical use”. The same is true in the case of LG G3. Ordinary consumers will be satisfied, we are sure.

Despite the fact that the smartphone with 2 GB of RAM, do not causes problems with multitasking. But if you’re the most demanding user or geek, of course, we recommend to buy the version with the increased volume of up to 3 GB of RAM. A little bit about the games, Performance here is normal. Everything works quickly on the highest setting, subsidence fps in the game process is not observed. Probably because most games run in “non-native” resolution 1080, which built accelerator Adreno 330 pulls no problems. By the way, the picture of the game does not suffer.

And now LG G4 is on the verge of releasing and we hope it would overcome the other market beasts like Samsung Note 5.

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