Integrate Your Online and Offline Marketing

An Audience Shared

It’s fair to say that at the birth of both the internet and social media the demographic of users was fairly young. Businesses didn’t pay much attention to online marketing. Having a website was as much as they thought was necessary and were inclined to concentrate on more traditional forms such as direct mail, telemarketing, advertising, events and PR. Then the advent of social media changed the landscape. The opportunity for an additional, cost effective way to connect with a wide audience rapidly became vital to business.

Initially businesses made the decision to connect online via social media based on the demographic of their audience. If they felt their services and products didn’t appeal to the youth market then there was no need to connect socially. This is no longer the case with over 84% of households in the UK with internet access, the demographic of social media users is on the increase as is the popularity of smart phones and tablets. As the margin between online and offline audiences reduces, the overlap widens therefore marketing strategies have to reflect the change.

Integrate Your Online and Offline Marketing

How to Link the Two

Synergy between your offline and online marketing efforts, in short, is a branding exercise so ensure the design, quality of content, style and tone of voice reflect each other. A cohesive message will help strengthen your brand. You also need to make sure the quality of your printed materials reflects your company’s vision and values. Searching for a trusted local printer could help guarantee the efficient service you need, by typing ‘printers Peterborough’ into Google, you could be one step away from building a relationship with the supplier that will produce marketing collateral you can be proud of. Getting your branding and quality right is only the beginning. All your offline marketing will need to drive traffic to your website and encourage social connection. Also use QR codes to advantage on all printed collateral to lead your customers to your online content.

Online marketing campaigns can help promote your offline activity. Use your website to promote and encourage attendance at events such as networking opportunities and exhibitions. A special offer from your direct mail campaign should be reflected on your Facebook and Twitter banners as well as on your website. The retail industry works well with online promotions with their legions of followers taking advantage of vouchers and offers promoted on social media that need to be taken to a store to be redeemed. Likewise, stores use all kinds of tactics to glean email addresses so they can put you on their mailing list. Before long you will receive a newsletter encouraging you to do a variety of online and offline tasks from connecting with them on social media to attending a VIP open evening at their shop.

The Successful Connection

Instead of thinking about two separate campaigns businesses need to think of their online and offline efforts as part of the same campaign. It should be second nature to streamline your campaign across all mediums including leaflets, posters, newsletters, enews, social media, website, adverts and press releases. Create impact with consistency and your will ensure the greatest opportunity for success.