Bigger Profits Expected For New Jersey Online Gambling Market

What is the Future of Gambling in New Jersey?

2014 was perhaps best described as an AnnusHorribilis for the gambling sector in New Jersey. More specifically, it was a difficult year for land-based casinos in Atlantic City. Owing to the shuttering of 4 casinos in Atlantic City, there was little reason to rejoice during the year that was. An estimated total of 8,000 people lost their jobs as casinos closed, one after the other. But the worst appears to be behind us, and the closure of a third of Atlantic City’s casinos may have saved the city and the entire industry. The resort town on America’s East Coast has seen profits plummeting since its heyday in 2006, when $5.2 billion in revenues was the norm. Nowadays, Atlantic City casinos are generating less than half of that, but growth prospects are in the offing.

Bigger Profits Expected For New Jersey Online Gambling Market

Reasons for Optimism In 2015

There are many reasons why sceptics and gambling aficionados agree that the worst may well be over for New Jerseyans. For starters, the closure of 4 casinos has decreased the oversupply of land-based casinos, and restored equilibrium to the fragile Atlantic City market. With less availability, the existing casinos are starting to see increasing revenues and higher retention rates of staff. This bodes well for Atlantic City, and all of New Jersey. In fact one might go as far as saying that the closure of land-based casinos benefits the gambling industry in neighboring states as well. The president of the Casino Association of New Jersey, Kevin Ortzman had this to say about New Jersey’s new reality: ‘Atlantic City took some bitter, but necessary medicine in 2014.’

Another reason for plenty of optimism in New Jersey is the growing success of online casinos in the state. While the politicians and analysts got the projections wrong in 2013, the revenues generated by online casinos in New Jersey topped $124 million for 2014. That is certainly reason to celebrate, because it brings with it valuable tax dollars to state coffers. When players were quizzed in several statewide polls in New Jersey, they agreed by a wide margin that the best online gambling in NJ can be found at Caesars Online Casino. As the poster child of the iconic Caesars brand, this online casino has been racking up awards and accolades from players and industry analysts since inception in November 2013. With an impressive array of Atlantic City-style casino games to play, players are spoilt for choice. The gaming categories include slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, table games, jackpot games and general casino games. Within each of these categories is an abundant supply of some of the hottest online casino games under the sun.

Features of Online Casino Games in New Jersey

For starters, 2013 marked the first time in the history of New Jersey that online casino gaming has gotten the stamp of approval from the governor’s office. Chris Christie signed online gaming into law in November 2013, and soon thereafter top online casino sites were launched. The technology used by these gambling sites is unsurpassed; geolocation tracking technology validates the players’ precise location to ensure that only players within the state of New Jersey can play real money casino games. Further, identities are verified by way of government issued ID cards, SSN numbers and other forms of valid identification. When it comes to banking and security, the payments processing options are as secure as Internet banking facilities. Players can therefore rest assured that all of their real money gaming at online casinos like is as safe as houses. Plus, players who have just registered and are planning to make their first deposit also qualify for a generous 100% welcome bonus up to $300 from Caesars Online Casino.