Top Indian Gadget Review Sites

The gadget market in India is gigantic filled with domestic and international brands. There are many outlets that deliver first rate phone, laptops, cameras and so on and promotion of new products happen impressively via commercials, with so much product endorsement events taking place in the real world and media, it is sometimes hard to zero in on a desirable brand and it clouds the mind of viewers.

To ease the choice burden and get a knowhow of what is actually going on in the tech industry, there is a number of interesting gadget review sites to browse and below are the popular ones.

BGR India:

It has the entire launch and news items, the front page itself is well-organized and the matter is displayed in a colourful and crystal clear fashion. Scroll on top of the page and there are seven tabs such as Topics, Home, Galleries, Reviews, iPhone 6 and Android One. Click on the Topics tab and all the needed relevant information is displayed for gadget freaks. It has breaking news, events, and news items on laptops, accessories, camera, and tablets and so on. The Home menu will take you to the home screen which displays bustling news on the latest gadgets, and viewers will get a full-fledged idea of the hot business that happen in the gadget industry.

The news item revealed is the launch of Apple iPad Air2 and iPad Mini3 on the 29th of November. There is also going to be a Xiaomi Redmi Note launch for a price of Rs 9,000 on the 2nd of December. Samsung has revealed the price of its much awaited A5 phone and details of the news item is released on the Chinese website and the price of Indian spec phone is Rs 26,000. As you scroll down the bottom there are many more news articles and all of it is regarding software enterprise network, marketing strategies and launches.

The website is exceptionally informative, with endless news articles; spectators can actually imbibe the real world happenings on a single page.

Top Indian Gadget Review Sites

NDTV Gadgets:

NDTV Gadgets is a well-known website, and provides a detailed view on the spec of current, new and upcoming gadgets. The site is well marketed, visible on the advertising logo of NDTV Gadgets where the letter A is shaped in the form of a headphone. The home screen has eight tabs, which are Home, News, Reviews, Features, Videos, Hubs, Compare Mobiles and Tablet Finder. The tabs provide information on the gist of business developments in the software industry.

The home page is well decorated and the top portion flaunts the advertising section that showcases the sale promotional formula adopted by different companies. Some of the catchy headlines are three amazing affordable smartphones, first impressions of Xiaomi Redmi Redmi 4G and Xiaomi Redmi Note. As you scroll to the bottom, there are reviews of different amazing gadgets and also the best choice options to head for. There is a news piece that speaks about Eight Siri features absent in Android, and many more such as a new technology that will charge your phone in 30 seconds, New Avatar of Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

NDTV Gadgets is among the perfect sites to grab hold of the fantasies of gadget world. is a knowledge enrichment website, and exhibits intriguing details of the scientific and cosmic world. The home screen has seven tabs, Gadgets, Science, WTF, Design, News, Software and Indiamodo. The top page displays captivating pieces of information that is rarely heard of, and the developments are impressively high-tech. There are articles about Jumpy a kid smartwatch, and below are interesting new articles on the latest phone reviews, developments and features. is referred to as the most powerful site displaying the depths of the world of technology and gadgets. The home page is packed with an overload of information, that goes into the depths of the technology and software powered world. The page is compartmentalized into many section like reviews, features, buying guides, workshops, columns, interviews and each parts sports a captivating story.

The Review segment has news articles on Norton internet security 2012, Asus Pad slider SL101. The features section has Facebooks biggest change, every section has exciting news articles and the information is crisp and stimulating so exceptionally varied from the norm.

91 Mobiles:

It is the perfect website for those who are trying to source new phones, and the manner in which the news article is portrayed will grab the depths of consumer attention, and an example to support this statement is Can the Redmi Note live up to the technologically advanced power of its siblings. Each segment is divided into horizontal compartments, and the headings of each are Stories that Matter, Featured Mobiles, Upcoming Mobiles, Featured Mobile Comparison, Top Mobiles. The mobile phone news article in each compartment is crisp and extremely informative on specs, apps, games and so on.

It is India’s leading consumer news section, the top portion has information on top stories on reviews, and below are two sections that showcase relevant news information under the sub titles News and Reviews and Analysis. is a leading mobile news display site and has ideal for those who desire to browse through information on current, upcoming and new mobiles.


From the description of the range and power of Top Indian gadget review sites, it is evident that the Indian gadget industry is vast and bustling with activity. The gadget industry has fulfilled the needs and aspirations of various economic classes that exist in the country. The software industry has progressed leaps and bounds over the years, and has generated heaps of excitement in the form of new and beneficial apps and creation of a vibrant gaming sector.

For those keen on a new phone purchase and curious about the happenings of the software world, should browse through the glances, it will keep you glued for long and so much of knowledge can be gathered in a jiffy.

Author Bio : The Author have great interest in writing article on Technology and Handset reviews, currently he is working with 91mobiles.