Types Of Portable Water Treatment Systems

When planning a journey where the water sources can not be used or if you live in an area which has less than perfect drinking water supply after deciding to avoid using bottled water there are many factors you need to evaluate when choosing a water treatment system. Two of the most important areas you need to consider are the effectiveness along with the reliability. There is zero point investing in a system that does not suit your purposes and is always breaking down. Before making your choice you must first test the tap water to see if it is contaminated and if so what with. You can then choose a specific filter that will clean the water to make it good for consumption.

Types Of Portable Water Treatment Systems

There are three main areas you should closely evaluate when choosing a water filtration system. These are treatment capacity, simplicity, and weight. If you are wanting a portable water filter for you travels across the backcountry, you will need to pay close attention to the weight. It will also have to be a compact and lightweight so that it does not weigh you down along with taking up too much room in your backpack.

If you are needing a water filter system to be able to cater for a large group, you will need to evaluate the treatment capacity to make sure it can cope with the demand. When hiking in extreme weather conditions you will need one that is extremely simple to use so having a trial run of setting it up before you buy is advisable.

Pump Water Filters

One of the most common types of water treatment systems is pump filters. These work by water being pumped through a filter which cleanses it. It can be fitted with many different types of filters which have the capability of removing mini scale protozoa and bacteria.

Gravity Water Filters

Pumps can be unreliable and take manpower to work which is why many opt for gravity water filters. These hang from large poles or branches and use gravity to force the water through its filter to clean the water.

Water Filter Straws

Over the last few years, water filter straws have taken off due to their ease of use and practicality. To clean the water all the consumer has to do is to drink it through a straw which as a filter attached to it which cleanse the water before it is consumed.

Chemical Tablets And Drops

One way to be certain of all the protozoa, viruses and bacteria are removed is by using chemical tablets and drops. You simply add one to the contaminated water and it kills all the harmful elements to make is safe for consumption.

UV Light Filters

To purify the water ultraviolet lights can be used which kills all harmful toxins including viruses. They work by attaching a charger or batteries to the UK lights and then hung over the water to cleanse it.


Over the last couple of decades, the treatment of water has come a long way and there is a variety of water filter systems available to suit all demands. Choosing one the is specific to your trip or home tap water is vital as each is specifically designed to help in certain circumstance and demand. Remember that you are not the only one who benefits from using water filters and purifiers. The environment will be a much better place if we can choose ways to avoid using bottled water.

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