Is Cheap Hosting Really Cheap?

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If you are looking for a hosting plan for your website, your decision might depend on the price of the plan for the most part, that is, if you are going for paid web hosting. While price is a very important factor that cannot be ignored, there are other points to keep in mind before selecting a web hosting plan solely on the basis of low price. For more information on cheap hosting and important aspects to consider when opting for a hosting plan, take a look at  Cheap Hosting Reviews to get to know a bit more about cheap hosting.

So, when it comes to cheap web hosting, the question is: is cheap hosting really cheap? Well, that depends on how you define cheap. If price is the only criteria on which your definition of cheap rests, then low-priced hosting plans are definitely the cheapest option. If, on the other hand, you want to include other factors, then cheap hosting may not be so cheap after all; in fact, it could cost you quite a lot, in terms of service quality and customer support among many other factors.

Load Time

The load time of your webpage is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a hosting plan. You do not want to drive your customers away by making them wait for long for your webpage to load when they visit your website. Usually, in cheap web hosting plans, your website is hosted on a server that is shared by numerous other websites, which may possibly reduce your page load time. For majority of the customers, even a couple of extra seconds are enough to drive them away, looking for alternatives on the web. The ideal page load time is 2 seconds or less, and anything longer might have serious consequences for you in terms of website traffic.

Is Cheap Hosting Really Cheap


By all means, go for cheap web hosting if your budget does not allow you to settle on something larger. However, you must make sure that the plan you are opting for provides the adequate bandwidth or disk space required by your website, as well as support for different platforms such as PHP and MySQL.

Dedicated Resources

If you are looking for dedicated resources for your website, then cheap – or free – hosting is definitely not for you. The benefit of having dedicated resources is that you do not have to share them with other websites on the same server, thus decreasing the load time of your website. Free or cheap hosting plans, on the other hand, promise a lot of ‘unlimited’ features, which would have been great if they weren’t for sharing the resources with other websites.

Customer Support

Last but not the least, you should make sure the hosting plan you are paying for promises to provide reliable support in case an issue arises that needs attention. Usually, the more you pay for a hosting plan, the better the support you get. Customer support is a very important aspect when it comes to choosing a web-hosting plan, and the lack of it may prove to be quite costly for your business if an issue is not resolved as soon as possible, and your site visitors suffer as a result.

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