6 Must-Have Apps For The Modern Marketing Warrior

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In the hallowed halls of modern marketing, content, search and social are the pillars of the parish. It’s the latter that is of particular import today. According to one study by Smart Insights, some 90% of mobile searches lead to either the visiting of a commercial website, or the actual purchase of a product or service. The point is that modern Internet marketing for attorneys, small businesses, and even larger companies should revolve around this trend. Therefore, marketers should make mobile a central part of their SEO strategy.

Even smaller organizations can get in on the act. Small firms and businesses can craft their own mobile strategy right from their handheld device. All it takes is a few handy mobile applications to get started.


Number one on this list with a bullet, no modern can be expected to compete without 24/7 access to their various sites. This app puts those WordPress sites in the marketers hands, literally.

Adwords and SEO Secrets

This app covers everything marketers of all skill levels could ever want to know about the fundamentals of SEO. It acts as a virtual tutor, providing helpful information on basic optimizations to advanced strategies and tools of the trade. Adwords and SEO Secrets boasts some 30 videos with seasoned experts all offering advice and tips. And it all can be had with a simple download that costs the user nothing.

6 Must-Have Apps For The Modern Marketing Warrior


Another free app, this one acting as a virtual office. Most pro marketers likely have an office manager on their handheld, but this one is worth a look for the sheer amount of features it offers. Users can manage complex projects remotely with Podio’s simple interface, track leads, compose messages, review job candidates and schedule meetings.


This no-cost app bills itself as an “all in one inbound marketing software” tool, and it’s hard to argue with that assertion. It does many things, not the least of which involves tying all of the user’s social media accounts into one tidy package, which allows for easy access of published content. It also comes with the standard analytics features as well as support and tutorials.


This app has landed in the top 10 of many “best mobile apps” lists for some time now. It’s also enjoyed long-running popularity as a download on the App Store. Sometimes busy professionals just need an efficient virtual notepad, and that is here in the form of Evernote. This app offers keyword searches and image capture.

Analytics Pro 2

Available for $5.99, this app is one of the costlier ones out there. Having said that, it’s hard to put a price on SEO success. Plus, this app delivers everything those who worship at the altar of the mighty search engine could ever want – Google Analytics, statistics, visitor info and more.

The above list combines, analytics, metrics, organizers, notepads and newsfeeds in order to make any marketer’s smartphone a virtual SEO “war room.” And not only are most of these options free, they should prove viable for the foreseeable future.